Model Aaron Diaz, who has been dating girlfriend Lola Ponce since 2012, tired of persistent gay rumors

August 7, 2015
First Published On: August 7, 2015
by HitBerry

What has happened to the world of gossip? Not that gossips were ever completely true, but it looks like celebrities are definitely pissed with all these absurd rumors they face. And who could actually blame them????

One of the victims of these baseless rumors generated from God knows where, is Aaron Diaz. Yes, he is not the biggest of name in the industry, but the hot and happening model, born in Mexico to an American mother, was apparently rebuffed after news came out that he was gay. How the news came to light is unknown, but we are guessing it’s the same as that with teen sensation Justin Bieber. That rumor never gets old, does it?

Consistently pestered with the gay rumor, the Mexican model is apparently “tired” of the gossip and has just “let it go”. We certainly don’t think he is gay in any way even if he did kiss a man (although it was in movies). Nonetheless, his love life does not indicate any possibility of him being gay.

Diaz is currently dating hot songwriter/actress/model Lola Ponce. The hot diva, who is from Argentina, is considered one of the most beautiful South Americans in the world. And after having dated Ponce for almost 4 years now, Diaz certainly doesn’t look like he’s into men.

Starting with her album Inalcanzable back in 2001, Ponce went on to flourish in the music industry- with stints in Italy before releasing two more albums namely Fearless  and Il diario di Lola. She dated Italian lawyer Manuel Malenotti back in 2005 till 2010. After their split, she started a relationship with South American Aarón Díaz. The pair began dating after meeting on the sets of the "El Talisman". After the show, they were again seen together for the song "Coqueta" which the two performed at the Gay Pride Long Beach concert. Maybe that’s how the gay rumor started. In 2012 the couple announced they were soon to have their first child together and as expected, Erin, their first child, was born in February 2013 after Ponce underwent a caesarian operation.

Díaz made his Hollywood debut starring in the American television show Pan Am which aired on the ABC channel. Diaz played the role of a dashing, wealthy entrepreneur Miguel. He then went on to feature in El Talismán. For the first time in his career, Diaz played an antagonistic role as Antonio Negrete. Still only at the age of 33, many more movies seem to be on the cards for this talented actor.

Now that gay rumors have been confirmed false, we hope media turns away from this topic. Diaz, height 1.83m, definitely will turn a deaf ear if rumors re-surface. Nonetheless, looking at the beautiful photos of Diaz and his girlfriend Ponce on social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram, they definitely seem to be having one hell of a great time.