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Mo'Nique states reason behind her dropping out of the talk show on BET

May 23, 2016
First published on:May 23, 2016
by John

Academy award winner Mo’Nique has revealed why she dropped out from the talk show on BET. Ever since BET canceled The Mo’Nique show in 2011, people were curious about the reasons behind it.

After a long time full of speculation and rumors, Mo’Nique finally stated the real reason behind her dropping out. She did so in Ultimate Women’s Expo this past weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center.

“I’ll return to television when it makes sense. There were choices and decisions I had to make as a black female entertainer that a lot of people couldn’t understand but what I have to say was we cannot keep accepting these wages, we cannot keep accepting this disrespect, we cannot keep accepting the mistreatment… I’ll be back when it makes sense.”


Based on her statement, one can deduct that she was the victim of discrimination. Apparently, it wasn’t about money and rating but due to the lack of respect.

Her reality show aired for two seasons and one can only wonder why the woman of her stature would be disrespected for. Mo’Nique was awarded and nominated numerous times for her role in the movie Precious (2009) including the prestigious Oscar and Golden Globe. She was the first African-American to win an oscar.


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