MLB host/reporter Heidi Watney Was Linked to Former Boston Catcher Jason Varitek, Baseball players Jake Peavy and Nick Green her alleged boyfriends

HitBerryPublished on   28 Jun, 2015Updated on   12 May, 2021


‘Heidi Watney is here…’

It was the noise when she went to talk to Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz before a game in late 2011.

A lover of sports Watney is the host and the reporter for the famous MLB network. She reaches where sports takes her. Before MLB she worked at New England Sports Network in Boston, Time Warner Cable SportsNet in Los Angeles, and two stations in Fresno.

The California native seems to sail from one coast to other on her missions and does her job quite well. Maybe she is inspired by her father who he used to move around quite frequently.

The 34 year old American sportscaster and journalist was ranked in the 10 most beautiful female sports journalists in 2005. Famous for being both canny and beautiful, the gorgeous unmarried sportscaster has no serious boyfriends yet. However, rumors of her affairs have always been in the air. Topping the list were Jake Peavy and Nick Green. Many other famous Players, Reporters and TV Personalities have been linked to her very often. Sometimes later she was seen interviewing Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek. After some time, there were grumblings that Varitek’s first marriage ended because of the situation. But Varitek’s second wife, Catherine, came to Watney’s defense and shot those rumors down when posed the question on Twitter a couple years back.

The 34 year old was born to reporter mother Alison Brooks and US Army father Dean Mitchell Watney. Reportedly, her parents got divorced when she was just 7 after that she was raised by her mother. As per sources, her mother spilt from her father.  Heidi’s dad though later remarried, remained close to his daughter.

The gorgeous Canadian beauty is active on social platforms and often posts beautiful pictures on her Instagram page on which she has 549 posts and 12.3k followers.

Heidi who went to George Park National School in Frenso was home-tutored till she was 11. She was inclined towards sports since her childhood and excelled at athletics, gymnastics, cheerleading and hurdles and other sports activities. She inherited the sportsmanship quality her father, who was said to be passionate about sports was also physically fit man.

The 5 feet 10 inches tall Watney beautiful smile along with by her shiny blue eyes that draw everyone’s attention to her. Her blonde hair and a very sensuous body supported by her long sexy legs seem to stimulate everyone around her. However, it’s seems that even with her beautifully built body and perfectly shaped hot curves she is yet to find man of her dreams. The suspicions of her being lesbian are not unheard of. However, nothing has been confirmed and this American beauty is continuing to spell bound everyone with her charms.