MLB Drama: Baseball star Kyle Seager, got LA Angels' Jered Weaver to "quit on his team."

April 23, 2017
First published on:April 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Kyle Seager and Jered Weaver are the most recent involves of MLB drama and antics. This resulted in Seager getting hit and Jered being ejected from the field of play.

What happened was that Seager kept wasting time on the base adjusting him over and over again, which resulted in tempers flaring from the opponents. Weaver pitched the ball straight into the right arm of Seager, which resulted in Weaver getting ejected.

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Rumors on Searger

Weaver is known to have done similar things to other players but Seager is also famous for starting unwanted fights in games.

Tensions seemed to be pretty hostile after the incident and lot of words were thrown front and back between the players from both the teams.

Seager gloated after the game and kept boasting of how he made Weaver “quit on his team”, when he was needed the most by his team mates and by his club fans Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Weaver said he was just fed up of Seager unwanted theatrics and couldn't stand it any longer and said if he could do it again he would do it.

Seager, when he came in to the field, came with the intention of doing exactly as he did and getting a reaction out of Weaver, which he succeeded in doing.

Although the commentators in the match said that both the players were looking silly in the ordeal, you can say that Seager came out as the winner. His team won the game 3-1 and the Angels lost their main pitcher for the rest of the innings.

This game resulted in the Mariners bettering their chances for a playoff place while Angels might be looking forward to a wild card contention this season.

Seager currently plays for the Seattle Mariners and is the third baseman for the team. Seager comes from a Baseball family.

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Family Background

His father was a professional baseball player and so are two of his brothers. Seager is counted among the top ten batters in the MLB and has also been known for his game changing batting. He has been considered for the MVP for two consecutive seasons.

He has said that this is his season and he is going all out for it (MVP).

Seager is one of the most valuable players in the MLB currently and has a huge salary of $540,100 per annum. In the year 2014 his team, the Seattle Mariners, finalized a 7 year, $100 Million Contract extension. Seager also won his first Golden Glove in the year 2014.

Seager is just 27 years old and has been named the ‘role model of the year’ by various magazines worldwide. Seager is married to his high school sweetheart, Julie Seager, and the couples have expressed hopes of welcoming a child into their family by 2016. He is not very active on Twitter or any other social networking platforms.

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