Missy Yager is living happily with her partner Sam Trammell together with their children

July 3, 2018
First published on:March 18, 2017
by HitBerry

Do you think there is such a thing called true love? I know most of the people no longer believe in true love these days. If it’s so then you are going to change your mindset soon, like I did.

Just look at the match of Miss Yager and Sam Trammell. Sam Trammell is best known for his role, Sam Merlotte, on the HBO vampire series True Blood. Not only his acting skills his lovemaking skills are good as well, I think so as the couple is together for so long.

Missy Yager and Sam Trammell are going too strong

Can you imagine how does it feel to be with someone for 14 years without marriage? I would have had more than 14 break ups. Both the actor and actress are the cutest couple I have ever seen. Sam Trammell is 48 years old and Missy Yager is 49.

Missy Yager and Sam Trammell


They have many things in common, really. Let’s go in the very beginning and talk how the couple met. They met in a theater in New York City in 2003 and began dating. They are not married till now but they are truly blessed, I must say.

They now have more strong reason to not be apart. I think you have already guessed it. Yes, they are blessed with a child. In March 2011 Sam tweeted that he’s going to be a dad and the couple was expecting twins. I think god replied to their prayers. The couple has twin baby and they are so adorable.


The couple welcomed their twin boys on August 9, 2011. The couple were so excited and thrilled at the time. They named their children Gus Trammell and Winston Trammell. The kids are now five years old and the couple takes them to many events and gatherings.

Neither Sam nor Missy had any kind of controversy regarding their personal life. They were not linked to any other person. The understanding level between the couple is damn high. After all, they are together for years now and must know what is best for them.

Missy Yager and Sam Trammell with their children


Sam once said that he does not understand bonds when interviewed about his unknown things. Well, Sam, I think you are wrong. You understand the bond and maintain them very nicely. Sam has been very successful in balancing his personal life as well as his private life.

The couple is giving us no hint of being separated. They are busy bringing up their child. I think you have also changed your mindset about true love till now, if not then you must be mentally ill.

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