Mission Impossible 5 star Sean Harris, age 49, talks about settling down and getting married

It seems like hot actor Sean Harris has had enough of his single life. After spending his 30s and 40s alone without a being in committed relationship with anyone, the actor revealed that he wants to have a girlfriend and settle down with her in the next few years, in a recent interview.

The actor disclosed that even though he loved being single, he wants to finally get into a committed relationship with someone. He also claimed that he has not yet decided who or what kind of person he wants to date and eventually make his wife just yet.

“I think I want somebody to call my own. I don’t want to wake up alone in the mornings anymore”, the actor said to our sources. “When you reach my age, you start to value human companionship more. If I find the person who is compatible with me, I will get married as soon as possible”, the actor added. His recent revelation has trashed the rumors that he is gay.

Sources close to the actor have even claimed that the actor already has found the person he wants to get married to. While there are no confirmed reports, it is speculated that the person is a family friend of Harris. His parents also reportedly favor this particular lady and want Harris to settle down with her.

Harris’ love life is still to reach the peak of its success, but his professional life has been very successful. He is one of the most easily recognizable actors today. Harris began his career as an actor in his late twenties. It was not until 2002 that he gained public recognition. The performance he gave for a short film, True Love (Once Removed) gave him mainstream success.

He has also played in popular movies like Prometheus, Creep and Payday. Harris played the role of former MI6 agent Solomon Lane in 2015 blockbuster, Mission Impossible 5: Rouge Nation. The performance he gave for the role was very well received by the audience.

Harris has a decorated career as an actor. He has won several awards and nominations along with the hearts of his fan. He was awarded as the title of Best Actor in 2014 by the British Television Acadamey for the performance he gave in Southcliffe. He has also been nominated for British Independent Film awards twice for his roles in ’71 and Macbeth.

The actor keeps a very low profile in public. He doesn’t speak to the media very often. Interviews with him are hard to come by.  He hasn’t represented himself in any social networking sites up until now. His fans, however, wish the actor join the popular networking sites like Twitter very soon.

Net worth of the British actor remains undisclosed at the moment. But, it is estimated to be in excess of $5 million according to various news outlets.