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Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell has no time for a boyfriend

December 23, 2015
First published on:December 23, 2015
by HitBerry

Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell is the first Miss Georgia to be crowned the prestigious tiara in almost sixty five years. She has said that she was able to achieve this honor through sheer dedication and hard work. She also mentioned that she does not have any time for boyfriends or relationships as she has much more to achieve.

She considers boyfriends and relationships to be a major source of distraction at this point in her life. She has said that many of her contestant’s were not able to perform their best mainly because they were too caught up by their relationships and the constant bickering from their boyfriends.

Betty has also said that she has big plans for her future, especially her singing. She has already been rumored to be making a Broadway debut. With her busy and hectic schedule she has said that she doesn’t find the time for romantic interest and that there are times when those thoughts don’t even into her head.

Betty, as a contestant for Miss America, chose “Healthy Children, Strong America“ as her platform. She said that the main reason why she made that particular selection was because she herself grew up in a farm in Georgia to parents who were physical therapist.

She also has been awarded the customary $50,000 scholarship that every Miss America is entitled to.  She has also started a campaign with the Miss America Organization to advocate for better food choices for children, especially due to the rampant obesity problem that is being faced by millions of Americans.

Betty was also, by far in the history of the contest, most unique due to the fact that she possesses the unique talent of opera singing. She has already caught eyes of prominent theater directors by showcasing her skill set in the competition. Rumors have surfaced that she is being considered for a role and is expected to make her debut in early 2016.

She has also confessed that that growing up, she never thought she would end up as a pageant winner, let alone a Miss America. She has said that she grew up in a farm and was encouraged by her family and relatives to compete in pageants.

She said that she had no idea as to what she was doing in her early days and gradually learnt the skills of the trade. Betty has said she always wanted to be a songwriter and singer and she continues to work on her dream.

She is currently pursuing a degree in vocal performance. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches she is also one of the shortest Miss America ever.

She also happens to be the most followed Miss America in the history of the contest with over 300k followers on social media. She is a regular Twitter user and is known to tweet at least six times a day. She can be followed @MissAmerica.