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Miriam McDonald dating history with Ex-Boyfriend Shane Kippel, Ryan Cooley and Marc Minardi. Find EVERYTHING.

July 29, 2016
First published on:July 29, 2016
by John

There is this time in life where you have to go through hardships that regard with the word ‘Love’. People fall in love; and if they don’t like the person anymore, they just leave, that is the inevitably accepted rule and we have seen exmples of it everywhere. With that said, it reminds me of Miriam McDonald and her ex-boyfriends. Reports suggest that she publicly dated 3 people that include ‘Marc Minardi’, ‘Ryan Cooley’ and ‘Shane Kippel’.Three guys in her life and now her status is single; pretty shocking.

Miriam McDonald from her episode in 2008 'Poison Ivy: The Secret Society,

Miriam McDonald from her episode in 2008 'Poison Ivy: The Secret Society.

Miriam McDonald’s relationship with Marc Minardi

Miriam and Marc started seeing each other in 2001; but their relationship did not last long. They had to call it off just after a year in 2002. Like most  of the celebrities, Miriam denies to share her personal stuffs or about her boyfriends on social sites. But we do know that Marc played Lucas in a Canadian TV series titled ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ along with Miriam and it is believed they fell in love during their shoot.

Marc Minardi in 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'.

Marc Minardi in 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'.

Miriam McDonald’s relationship with Ryan Cooley

Ryan Cooley is a Canadian Actor who we know as James Tiberius in ‘Degrassi’. Coincidentally, the pair features in the same show and it is confirmed that Miriam and Ryan started dating in June 2006. As her previous relation the couple had to split-up by 2007. The media does not have a specific proof about splitting up of the couple but after the character of Ryan ended he left Degrassi in order to attend the University of Churano.

Miriam McDonald and Ryan Cooley.

Miriam McDonald and Ryan Cooley.

Miriam McDonald’s relationship with Shane Kippel

Reports claim that Miriam and Shane began dating back in 2010 and separated 2 years after, 2012. And guess what? They appeared in the same show as well. Shane Warren Kippel featured as Gavin “Spinner” Mason in Degrassi: The Next Generation. It pretty much looks like Miriam only dates people who she casts with. Regardless of who and when she dated, we don’t have any information about her dating history.

Mirium McDonald and Shane Kippel

Mirium McDonald and Shane Kippel

Rumors about Miriam McDonald getting married

Researching a lot about this matter  we are pretty confident Miriam McDonald  is actually "single”. There is no information regarding her wedding or her plans for wedding. And it appears like everything about the marriage thing on the internet is fake and nothing more than just petty rumors. Thus, if you were thinking about her wedding with her secret guy, you might get a bit disappointed; because she is not married.

Who is Miriam McDonald?

Miriam McDonald is a Canadian actor; born in 1987, July 26th and is pretty popular for her role as Emma Nelson in the show called ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’. Nonetheless, she has also appeared for the TV show ‘System Crash’ back in 1999. In 2002, she won the ‘Young Artist Award’ for Best Ensemble Actor in Degrassi. FYI, in 2003, she got nominated again. There are many other shows that she has featured in such as ‘Pecola’, ‘The Ripping Friends’, She’s Too Young’, ‘Karma’, ‘Blue Murder’, ‘The Poet’, and Et-Cetera.



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