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Milena Govich is married to David Cornue since 2003. Are there any divorce rumours around?

September 16, 2016
First published on:September 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Hot and sexy American actress cum singer Milena Govich has had tremendous success in her career through roles in movies and TV series such as Law and Order. Just how she has been present in the movie industry for more than 12 years, her personal life has been seemingly long lasting. She has been married to her writer-producer husband David Cornue since 2003.

Milena Govich and husband David: Divorce?

The couple has been in a relationship for more than 13 years. Although nothing is known about the couple having children, they have always been with one another. Milena's Instagram clearly proves that the couple is still going strong. She also posted a lovely picture of them attending the super bowl together.


#GoPATS #SuperBowl #RocketScienceDefense

A photo posted by Milena Govich (@milenagovich) on

What would be more romantic than a husband taking his wife out for a surprise trip to Vegas for her birthday! Pretty amazing, right? That’s what Milena was surprised with on her birthday in 2014. She was taken on a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate her 37th birthday - she enjoyed the shows, food at the restaurants, dancing in the clubs and a sexy birthday dress too!

Recently in May 2016, the Conviction actress posted a throwback picture on Twitter where Milena and her husband are spotted wearing colorful sombreros with a caption "Happy Cinco De Mayo" meaning a celebration to May 5. Does any of this seem like a sign of split? That would be a big NO!

Husband David: Writer of Milena's Drama movie Temporary

Now this would obviously clear the air of any suspicions anyone has had in their current relationship status. Valedictorian from the University of Central Oklahoma, Milena directed a short 12-minutes drama named Temporary which stars her own family member - Milicia Govich. She is the niece of Broadway actress Milicia. And what is more exciting is the fact that it's her husband who has been the writer as well as the executive producer for Temporary and half of the story credit goes to him too! Although we cannot spot the duo together, they obviously have been working alongside one another!

As per her interview with The PC Principle, she praises her husband's work as one of the best writers and also expresses that her husband has been very supportive throughout her journey in Temporary. She adds that the couple came up with the idea together and made necessary amendments with one another's consultations.

In fact, this is not the first time they have been a part of each other's professional life. Previously, David had produced a comedy movie named Lucky N#mber starring Method Man. His wife Milena, who is of Serbian descent, was also a part of the movie.

Appearances in numerous award shows

Since 39-year-old MTV's Finding Carter star Milena gained popularity in Hollywood, she has been spotted in numerous award shows and festivals. Her appearances can be traced back to late 2000's where she attended 46th Monte Carlo Film Festival in Monaco along with her husband at the red carpet.

Source : Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Furthermore, her husband has accompanied her in parties such as the Trumbo party organized by The Cinema Society in New York. Poseidon actor Josh Lucas was also present.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Other appearances include the 2009 GLAAD Manhattan event in New York City, Festival of Arts Celebrity Benefit Concert on August 2016 in Laguna Beach, California.

Milena with her husband David at the 2009 GLAAD Manhattan Event in NYC. Source : Getty Images

Milena with her husband David at the 2009 GLAAD Manhattan Event in NYC. Source : Getty Images

Milena attends the 2016 Festival of Arts Celebrity Benefit Concert with her husband David at California

Milena attends the 2016 Festival of Arts Celebrity Benefit Concert with her husband David at California

Also, the couple attended 2016 Academy Awards together where Milena wore a black gown and her husband matched it with a black suit.


Happy Hollywood Superbowl! #Oscars #hollywoodmuseum #redcarpet #hollywoodstyle

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