Mike MacDonald Died Of Heart Complications At 63

The Canadian standup comedian died at 63 from Heart complication at Ottawa Heart Institute.


What a loss. Canadian comedian Mike MacDonald died on 17 March 2018 at Ottawa Heart Institute due to heart complication, his brother confirmed.

CAPTION: Mike MacDonald Died Of Heart Complications At 63 SOURCE: cbc

“It happened suddenly,” he said, “my brother experienced a worse Saturday morning when his heart started racing and he died same afternoon.” He added it was inevitable and we never saw it coming.

Comedy Organization paying tribute to the comedy warrior wrote on Twitter “Saddened to hear of the passing of our dead friend and Canadian comedy legend Mike MacDonald. Over the years he has graced our stages more than any other comic and will be greatly missed.”

MacDonald has performed for Just For Laughs more than anyone else. He was the key figure to the show and it was a difficult moment to lose a legend from the show.

Mark Critch who performed several times with MacDonald can’t believe that he is no more in this world.  He called himself lucky that he got chance to perform with him.

Jim Gaffigan calls it was his pleasure to perform with comedy star MacDonald. The last time he performed with him was in his hometown Ottawa. He told he was purely classic and funny.

MacDonald talent has impressed and motivated many to follow his path. They conclude him as a hero.

In the 1970s he moved to Toronto to start his career and performed across the city. In his forty years career, he traveled across North America and performed in many shows including The Arsenio Hall Show and Just for Laughs.

He suffered from heart problem for the first time in 2011 and was diagnosed with hepatitis C. His liver transplant was successful after huge support from his loving fans. He was back in the show shortly to cheer his fans.

Sorry to say but now he will never return. RIP.