Mike Galanos Children are David Galanos and Daniel Galanos But Why is the Wife Out of Picture?

HitBerryPublished on   07 Aug, 2016Updated on   20 May, 2021

The famous news anchor; Mike Galanos is the father of two, David Galanos and Daniel Galanos. Though the three of them are quite social on Facebook and Instagram, it appears as if their mother is out of the picture somehow. We do not even know what she looks like or what she does. Is there any specific reason behind this scene or she just doesn’t want people to know about her and stay invisible?

If you try to find out about their mother on social sites or any other articles, I am sure you will get exhausted pretty soon and close the window with frustration. However; if you are persistent, there is this one pic on Instagram you can find where Daniel stands along with his mother. He captions it by stating, “Happy Mother’s Day to an amazing mom who does she much for me .I love you and am so thankful for all you have done”. 

According to HLNTV, Mike first introduced his wife on Mother’s day. We didn’t even know her real name until that day he introduced her to the HLN family. If I didn’t get it wrong, her name is Cheryl Galanos. And if you search it on the Internet, you will end up with just one real photo of her with Mike, David and Daniel (The Galanos Family). We are not sure if she is really trynna hide from the world, I mean it doesn’t hurt to be social, right? But maybe, it is just my perspective on life. Everybody has right to decide what they want, though. 

And for your information; if you think they are not together, you are totally wrong. There is no signs or information about the divorce or their separation. Since she doesn’t seem to appear on pictures like her sons and husband, most of us would come to the same conclusion that they are not together, which is not true, by the way. However, it is not that we do not know anything about her now. At least, we were able to find out her name and what she actually looks like. So; for now, we gotta stick to it and let her do what she wants. I guess.

Apart from Cheryl Galanos, the three of them (Mike, David, and Daniel) are pretty social. They share much of their stuff on Instagram and Facebook. There are many pictures of them visiting places, the way they had their stuff done, the prom night and etcetera. Mike Galanos, being the anchor for ‘The Daily Share’, he has been posting many pictures of what he did or what he loved. So, make sure you check it out.