Micki Velton doesn't want to repeat her past.

April 15, 2016
First published on:April 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Micki Velton is the ex-wife of former mayor and television presenter Jerry Springer. The ex-couple got married in the year 1973 and had a daughter Katie in 1976 who is blind by birth. As Springer maintains his personal life as his private life, their divorce date is still unknown.

Micki used to work at Proctor and Gamble and at the same time Springer met her and they commenced dating each other. Through the time Springer met Velton, Springer was forced to resign from the job for almost a year because Velton was stated to be a prostitute and was claimed that mayor Springer hired a prostitute.

The assumption could be made that the above matter could be a reason for their divorce. Preferring to keep their personal life in low public profile, the couple has not declared particular reasons of their divorce.

Currently, Velton is not in contact with her ex-husband. She revealed that she wants to enjoy an independent life and she could struggle herself to live a better life. The absence of Springer does not matter in her life.

Even it has been rumored that Springer tried to continue a new start with Velton but she was not interested and ready for the relationship. She stated that she does not want to be in any kind of relationship with anyone.

Velton stated-                                                      

“I am focused within my future. I don’t want to repeat my past and regret for it time and again to make myself weak to show among the people.”

It seems Velton has been frustrated with Springer. Might be her image of prostitute had brought negativity into the mind and life of Springer which spoiled their relationship. But later realizing the love of Velton, Springer might have tried to patch up the relation but Velton was done with it.

The couple had a filmy love life but with a sad ending of separation.

Velton is currently busy as an entrepreneur. She is working with various established and experienced business entrepreneurs so as to learn the techniques of business from them. She is thinking to establish a business and enlarge it in a near future and is being engaged with various business organizations for the proper planning of her business.

Though she separated with her husband, she is still in contact with her children: daughter Katie and keeps meeting her in the spare time. As Katie is visually disabled, Velton cares for her a lot.

Velton till date is only known as Jerry Springer’s wife. She does not have her own flourishing identity. Velton is working hard to get established in the business sector in order to prove herself.

Well! Our best wishes are with you, Micki.

Velton’s net worth has not been disclosed officially yet.   

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