Michelle Bridges talks about what she calls 'crap food'.

April 18, 2016
First Published On: April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Australian fitness expert and personal trainer Michelle Bridges has already managed to gain stardom through her expertise in fitness, nutrition and weight loss programs. She recently called out some food items by openly claiming them to be “Crap Food”.

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She lashed out heavily to the sugar industries and also to the junk food empire the fast food chains were heavily criticized and slandered over by Michelle. She blamed these giant corporations for making people unhealthy, obese and unhappy.

Michelle also further said that people need to wage a battle against the people responsible if they would really like to see their children and they themselves lead a happy life far away from food that harms bodies drastically and even to some extent life threatening in a few cases.

Michelle who became a first-time mother at forty –five years of age also said. Today’s children and the children that will be coming in the near future are against a dangerous enemy who is out to get them.

 Fast food and sugar industries being the enemy and their weapon of choice being attractive unhealthy food especially like by young children and teenagers. These harm the body on a permanent level from a very young age.

Michelle has also said she wishes to go against the fast food industry with the same energy and focus as the people who went against the tobacco industry some fifty years ago and helped make this world a better place.

She also openly accused these multinational corporations of making people sick with prior knowledge. She said that they know what they are selling us a very bad thing for the human body but it is just that they don’t care and wish to only concentrate on their profits and not on the huge amount of lives being affected by them on a daily basis.

She also said, “I’d like to get out there and start fighting the fight for others who can’t fight the fight”. Michelle who is known to go out and openly and rather bluntly get at people or companies seems to be on a very serious note with her accusations.

It is rumored that she might even go to the extent of filing a lawsuit against them on grounds of a premeditated destruction of the human body solely on the basis of financial profit aimed at neglecting health and environment blindly.

She has been known to backlash at people who grow their own food as to being freaks and received widespread criticism from a huge community devoted to growing their own food.In the past, she has lashed at out obese people who refuse to help themselves by openly stating that she has never met a happy obese person.

 Michelle Bridges eats soil and calls people who grow their own food 'freaks'