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Michael Strahan is leaving Live! to join Good Morning America full time.

April 20, 2016
First published on:April 20, 2016
by HitBerry

Michael Strahan is leaving Live! to join Good Morning America full-time. Wow! That is so good.

According to ABC,  Michael Strahan is leaving "Live with Kelly and Michael" and joining the cast of "Good Morning America" full-time.

Michael will be joining Good Morning America as a full timer from September. He has been appearing on the morning show only for a couple of days a week. He will be appearing in GMA five days a week when this change takes an effect. Once again, guys, the change will come to an effect in September.

To be clear, Michael is not going to replace anyone I mean any other hosts. He has been added to the show as a new member in order to boost up the show. They must have high hopes for him as the show has suffered a massive number of viewers. Now the question is- will this move of Michael being a full timer show a rise in the viewership? Nothing could be said for now.

Good Morning America has been number one among viewers but unfortunately, the average viewers has been declining year over year. This is surely the bad thing and the producers are under intense pressure to regain the lost viewers and retain its lost ground.

They might do anything for that. May e injecting some extra investments or whatever.

A senior ABC source called the change of Michael appearing in the show as a full timer a "no-brainer," The source has to say that it is their special way to "strengthen the team with a big star."

Will it work? Well, we do not know that for sure but let’s see what happens.

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