Michael Socha and girlfriend Faye Ray, who have a son together, are getting married!!

October 20, 2015
First Published On: October 20, 2015
by HitBerry

Guys and girls put on your Sunday best, because Michael Socha and his long term girlfriend Faye Ray are getting married very soon. Yayyy!!!

Yes guys!! Rumor has it that this couple, who has been dating each other for quite a long time, have decided to finally tie the knot. Several sources have claimed that the beloved couple, who is desperately in love with each other, is planning to turn their long-term love relationship into a marriage.

Socha and his girlfriend Ray have been together for a very long time and the couple even have a son together. The actor and his wife-to-be have been raising their son Elis Michael Socha together, and now it has been reported that the love birds are getting married.

A source close to the couple revealed that Socha and Ray have been thinking of tying the knot for the sake of their son Elis. “Michael and Faye have been giving it a lot of thought. They want to turn their relationship into a wedding. It was actually Faye’s idea. She thinks that Michael and she have had a pretty long affair and they even have a son. Being a mother of their child, she wants to be a lawfully wedded wife of her boyfriend.

“She has always wanted to be his bride, but she didn’t say anything to Michael because she feared that he would feel pressured into wedding. But now that they have become parents to a baby boy, Faye has become more confident about what she wants. She opened up to him about wanting to get married and he agreed. Michael is neither excited nor upset about the wedding plans as he knows he loves Faye and thinks of marriage as nothing more than ‘a piece of paper’. But he wants to make Faye happy, which is why he is going forward with the plans” said the insider.

The insider added that the preparation for the wedding had already started and the couple are extremely happy about it. “Faye is taking care of all the preparation for their big day. She is pretty excited and so is Michael. They want to have a flowery wedding.

“Faye is as happy as a young teenager in love. She is preparing for the wedding like a 16 year old girl prepares for a prom night,” explained the source.

The informant further added that the young son of the couple would be an integral part of their wedding day as he was one of the main reasons Socha and Ray are getting married. The source also stated: “The couple has opted for a simple yet elegant wedding. They won’t be creating any buzz by inviting the media. They want to exchange their wedding vows in front of their family members and close friends and don’t want any outsiders in the wedding.”

As per the source, the lovers want to get married secretly and are even considering eloping.

Despite all the rumors, the Once Upon a Time star, aged 27, has not given any hint of his upcoming wedding with Ray in any of his interviews, nor has he posted anything on Twitter or Instagram regarding his upcoming wedding.