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Michael Rapino, CEO of Live Nation Entertainment: Married Jolene Blalock in 2003 living together with their children

February 2, 2017
First published on:February 2, 2017
by John

Anyone here is wondering who is actually the CEO of the Live Nation Entertainment? He is none another than Michael Rapino. For short information, Live Nation Entertainment is an American global entertainment company that is actually formed by combining Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

OK, people have now shown their interest to know about the CEO Michael Rapino. Today here, we will be talking about his personal life and his marital status with Jolene Blalock. They married in 2003 and currently lives with their children. Let us know more.

Michael Rapino (CEO of Live Nation Entertainment) and Jolene Blalock's Marital Life

If people are wondering about Michael's current relationship status, then he is a married man. To be precise, he is married to an American actress Jolene Blalock on 22nd April 2003. The couple has now been married for around 13 years and their marital life is still going smooth as silk.

Michael Rapino and Jolene Blalock

Michael Rapino and Jolene Blalock

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Speaking of the past, Michael and Jolene first got together in the year 2002. The couple dated for around a year. They were like deeply and madly in love with each other and decided to start a new chapter of their life. And they ended up getting hitched.

It's really hard to find a couple who is married for around 13 years which is a very long time in the current Hollywood town. However, the couple is now regarded to be one of the most stable and loving couples in the town. 

Till the date, the couple has never ever been spotted in any kind of fights or breakup in the media. No any issues of divorce or separation have ever been published in the news. 

Going through the past affairs, Michael has never ever been involved in any kind of extra affairs but Jolene has been involved in two relationships before marrying Michael. She was first sharing relationship with Steve Summers and later with Edward Furlong for around two years (February 2001 to January 2003)

Jolene Blalock with Edward Furlong

Jolene Blalock with Edward Furlong

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Michael Rapino and Jolene Blalock's Children

The couple is blessed with three sons in total. Just a very long time like around 7 years, the couple was first blessed with a baby boy on May 25, 2010. The couple named the baby boy, Ryder James Rapino. Later in the year 2012, Jolene gave birth to their second son, River Thunder Rapino. Rexton Rapino is their third child who was born on December 2014.

Michael Rapino and Jolene Blalock's Children

Michael Rapino and Jolene Blalock's Children

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