Michael Rapaport Say Kenya Moore Is A Villain In WWHL

April 3, 2018
First Published On: April 3, 2018
by arjun

Michael Rapaport goes after Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore and said she was the biggest villain in Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.


We know that old feuds just don’t die hard and that same happened between Michael Rapaport and Kenya Moore when meeting face-to-face in Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen show. The flames reignite and we saw how it went in the show.

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It was nearly two years ago that Rapaport & Moore jumped into twitter feud. And Sunday night that again started but this time it was different as they confront one another. Soon after they appeared in the show it turned into a heavily criticized battle more of we can assume.

Their catchy furious talks-

“You wish you were me, Kenya, “Michael said to which Kenya fired back, ‘Ohhh, a middle-aged, fat white? Not really.”

“You know what? I didn’t wanna say it on live TV, but Kenya’s feet are ashy as f**k!” Rapaport said.

On April 4, 2016, Rapaport tweeted on the 8th reunion season of RHOA “Krazy @ Kenya was bullying @ porsha4real went she got the wig snatched, she should have no regrets about that wig snatch.”

In response, the reality star wrote” U are pathetic & ignorant 4 promoting violence on any level. Please get a job 2 keep ur cable 2 watch me every week.”

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What she exactly said in recent show “get a job to keep your cable on and start laughing.”

“You are the biggest villain in the show,” said RHOA fan Michael.  

Nothing has changed between this two since April 4, 2016, not even the way they criticized each other.

Pity! Andy Cohen, he had no idea Kenya & Michael were mortal enemies when he invited them to his show which ended in a funny chaos.