Michael Rapaport's Better Half: Introducing His Wife and Their Journey

Michael Rapaport is a renowned actor celebrated for his diverse roles in cinematic productions such as "Deep Blue Sea," "True Romance," and "Beautiful Girls." 

Presently, Rapaport is united in matrimony with Kebe Dunn. He has previously been married to Nichole Beattie. Let's have a closer look at his love life.

Married To Kebe Dunn

Michael Rapaport is married to Kebe Dunn. But, they haven't shared a lot about their relationship. They keep things private, like how they met or other personal stuff. 


An old picture of Michael Rapaport and Kebe Dunn SOURCE: Instagram @ebekay

Rapaport and Dunn got married in 2016. But, they didn't make a big deal about it publicly. However, she is active on social media, where she often shares posts about them. The glimpses into their life together can be seen through that.

What Do We Know About Rapaport's Wife?

Kebe Dunn prefers to not disclose much about herself. But, she has dabbled in acting before. She has done a few works like playing a nurse in "Love for Rent," a shoe saleswoman in an episode of "In Session with Jonathan Pessin," and as an actress in an episode of "Tournament of Laughs." 

Rapaport's wife doesn't share much about herself on social media, but, she is still active online. However, her presence on social platforms doesn't clearly depict her personal life or interests.

Previously Married To Nichole Beattie

In the late 1990s, Michael was previously married to Nichole Beattie. This marriage came after a complex breakup with actress Lili Taylor. During that time, he was navigating through the challenges of ending a relationship with Taylor, which had its complications. 


Michael Rapaport and his ex-wife, Nichole Beattie SOURCE: Pinterest

Michael and Nichole tied the knot on January 15, 2000. Despite the significance of their union, the couple opted to keep their wedding ceremony private, away from the public eye. 

2004 Michael and Nichole encountered a significant turning point in their relationship. She filed for divorce. Over the subsequent three years, the couple navigated through the legal proceedings. Finally, in 2007, their divorce was officially finalized.

Did Rapaport Date Natasha Lyonne?

There are rumors circulating on the internet about Michael Rapaport dating Natasha Lyonne in 2005. However, there is no truth to these speculations. 

The "True Romance" actor and Lyonne never dated. He considers her to be like a sister to him, emphasizing their deep platonic bond. 

Lyonne's Apartment Story

Natasha found herself residing in Michael's Manhattan townhouse in December 2004. However, this living arrangement took a tumultuous turn when she faced legal issues. That included an arrest warrant for alleged harassment of neighbors and property destruction, as mentioned in an article from Entertainment Weekly


Natasha Lyonne in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Instagram @nlyonne

Following this challenging period, Lyonne underwent court-appointed rehabilitation. In 2005, Rapaport candidly addressed the situation in an article titled "Evicting Natasha Lyonne," published in Jane magazine

Despite the upheaval, the two have since reconciled and nurtured a strong friendship. Today, Lyonne and Rapaport enjoy a positive relationship.

Harassed Ex-Girlfriend Lili Taylor

Rapaport and Lili Taylor were not only romantically involved in the past. They also shared the screen in several films. Their relationship extended beyond personal to professional realms. 

Michael and Lili co-starred in movies like "Kicked in the Head" and "Illtown." Collaborating on these projects allowed them to bring their chemistry and shared experiences into their on-screen characters. 

The Harassment Story

In a chapter from Taylor's past, she shared a romantic connection with Michael Rapaport during the years 1996 to 1997. However, this relationship took a dark turn when she found herself facing harassment from her ex-boyfriend. 

This was a troubling chapter in Taylor's life. Despite her clear request for the actor to leave her alone, he persistently attempted to reconnect. She found herself in an unsettling situation where he, driven by a desire to reconcile, resorted to disturbing tactics. 

The "Beautiful Girls" actress made an alarming 21 phone calls within just four days. And in the dead of the night, he appeared at her apartment, relentlessly banging on the windows. The distressing situation led to legal consequences for him.

Michael was charged with two counts of harassment, as per The Guardian. Eventually, he admitted his guilt, acknowledging his wrongdoings. Though, this was undoubtedly a difficult time for Lili. She has since moved forward. She is currently married to Nick Flynn.


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