Is Michael Michele a lesbian? Know if she is single or not?

May 25, 2020
First Published On: December 17, 2016

When you are ranked the 36th among 50 Sexiest Stars of All Time by the famous  TV Guide magazine then it's hard to not have a spotlight focused on your personal life.  Michael Michele Williams famous for her role as Dr. Cleo Finch on famous TV drama the medical drama ER and Detin is on today's roster and we are here to reveal all about her personal life to her fans.

Complex Magazine named her one of the top 50 Hottest Biracial Women in 2012 and everyone started wishing her to be single. Yes, she is single in her recent days after breaking up with Brandon Rodriguez in 2005. The actress is sometimes suspected to be a lesbian because she has not married anyone and remains single even after ten years of separation from her former boyfriend. So, let's take a look at her personal life and find out more about Brandon Rodriguez and her son from today's column.

Who is Jimmy Rodriguez?

Jimmy is a well-known restaurateur and culinary businessman from New York. The entrepreneur and owner of Don Coqui Restaurant famous for authentic Puerto Rican cuisine located in New Rochelle, New York started his business by selling Continental food on streets. 

Caption: Michele Williams and her boyfriend Jimmy Rodriguez

The famous restaurant owner is also famous for his relationship with actress Michele Williams. Michele Williams and Jimmy Rodriguez started dating each other back in 2003 and the couple separated in 2005 after they had a son together.


The reason between their separation is not disclosed but Jimmy has a bad history of violence against women, his past marriage with Elaine Rodriguez ended up with violence and police charges which can be the possible reason of his separation from Michael Michele too.

Unmarried couple Michael and Jimmy have a son

J. Brandon Rodriguez born on  December 21, 2004, a year before Williams and Rodriguez separated is the only 11 years old teenager son Michele has. She was never married to Jimmy but in their three years long affair the couple gave birth to a beautiful child who is 11 years old now. The father and mother are often seen spending some time together with their only son Brandon.

The reason behind her single life?

Michael who gave a memorable appearance on Gossip girls is single and it looks like her career at the age of forty is still going fine and she is more into her career as an actress and likes to give her growing son who is about to be a teenager some needed attention, which is really hard for a busy TV actress like her.

Caption: J. Brandon Rodriguez and Michele Michele 

So, there is no space for another male member in her family for now. But, the options are open for the willing man who can win her heart and make a space in her son's life too.

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