Michael Emerson and his wife, Carrie, who he has been married to since 1998, have a cool home.

April 4, 2016
First Published On: April 4, 2016
by HitBerry

Actor Michael emersion and actress Carrie Preston have a home as cool they are. The couple after living several years in a rented house, bought their own home in Los Angeles. They landed their own stylish home around the time they celebrated their 10th marriage anniversary.

In an interview, Emerson shared with Closer, “What appears to be a Mexican-Moroccan bungalow reveals itself to be a gracious desert home as you move through it toward the seclusion of the backyard.

As the couple even shares a Manhattan apartment with their dog Chumley, the three bedroom house was perfect with their busy bicoastal life. The couple is not supposed to be in LA for full time so, they wanted a place they could move right into without a lot of work.

Emerson who has already been a scenery designer and illustrator leaves evident of the last experience with the home’s deep color and a décor that highlights a taste for the exotic.

I’d say we have a folk-world, eclectic style that’s full of character and artistry,” Preston shares and Emerson agrees , “We are attracted to warm-colored things from faraway lands — handicrafts and rugs, carved or painted furniture that’s more antique than modern.”

The Emmy Award winners’ house seems as awesome as their acting.

The couple who has been sharing their 18 years of life first met in 1994 when Preston was participating in Alabama Shakespeare festival in Montgomery. She saw Emerson there who was playing several roles in A Christmas Carole. Preston then had a talent crush on him and within a month she said her mother that she found the man whom she is going to marry. The feeling was mutual with Emerson.

Emerson married his wife Preston 18 years ago but does not have children yet. Both are now busy in their acting career. The couple has starred in the same TV shows like Lost, Person of interest, Ready? Ok! and appears on numerous stage shows together.

Emerson has worked widely in theatre and narration and had not start acting professionally till the age of 32 years. He has even worked as a drama teacher before acting. Unable to find acting as career, he used to take retail jobs and worked as a freelance illustrator.

After he landed in his acting career, he amazed everyone by his acting skills. As Emerson has already learned a lot about acting through his roles in dramas, the actor never gave up his passion and landed down in acting career lately though. He has been honored with Emmy and several other awards for his tremendous and magnificent work.

Emersion has acted in the movies like The Journey, unfaithful, 29th and Gay, etc.

Emerson in his age of 61 is still fit and fine with sound health and does not have any injury. The net worth of Emerson is $4 million.