Comedian and Game Show Host Michael Barrymore sues Essex Police Department 14 years after news of dead man found in his pool hit the media

HitBerryPublished on   08 Jul, 2015Updated on   27 May, 2021

Fourteen years after his arrest when a man was found dead floating in his swimming pool, the news of Michael Barrymore suing the Essex police department over his damaged career has made headlines.

 Stuart Lubbock was found floating dead on top of the pool of Barrymore’s former home. Lubbock died after three witnesses including Barrymore himself claimed to have found him motionless in Barrymore's swimming pool. After the incident, Barrymore did not made any appearance in television shows. Though all the charges were dropped when it later came to court, the accusation made on him was still not cleared because of the unreliability of the witnesses.

Though the cause of the death was drowning, there were other such evidences that made the investigators suspicious. Lubbock who was a heavy partygoer had traces of drugs and alcohol in his system. He had also suffered severe anal injuries which after the postmortem was clearly said to be caused by a sexual assault. Barrymore who had been previously accused of being bisexual was eyed suspiciously by the police and the media. He was accused by the tabloid newspapers of holding drug-fuelled gay orgies in his home. All the fingers were pointed at him after the death. One of the eye witnesses claimed that Barrymore was showing some erratic behavior in the party and he was also rubbing cocaine onto Lubbock's gums. The deceased contained ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol in his bloodstream.

Barrymore was arrested in 2007 again along with other two suspects for the case of murder and sexual assault but was released soon after. He has been in and out of the prison for the same charges many times. And now after six years, he has sued the police department of Essex for the damage caused to his career.

 The Strike It Lucky star had a booming career as a comedian and TV presenter of various game shows. He was very famous for his funny jokes. This former television personality aged 63 was the highest paid star on TV shows and was even voted the favorite English TV presenter of his time. He was married to Cheryl Barrymore until 1997. The dancer and talent manager who was also Barrymore’s manager was the main reason behind her husband’s success. Despite being the key to his success, they spilt in 1997 following his alcohol addiction. He claimed that he had wanted to seek help, but that his wife told him: "No, you’re not (alcoholic). Don’t be stupid.”

Cheryl tried very hard to keep up their relationship but they eventually separated and she published an autobiography “Catching The Falling Star” detailing her troublesome marriage with her husband. Barrymore too, published his autobiography “Awight Now: Setting the Record Straight” in 2006. Barrymore explained in the book how his wife was a control freak who controlled his every movement including his clothes, and she had created the character that was "Michael Barrymore", which consequently drove him to alcohol, drugs and gay affairs.

His books and personal record makes it clear that he has indulged in gay relationships in his past. Rumor has it that before his marriage he paid his mother a heavy sum of money after she threatened to reveal the nasty secret about his 18 months old gay affair.

He might have sued the Essex police but his bisexual history and the evidences have led to conclusion that he might be involved in the murder. The Essex department has vowed to continue the investigation but has declined to give any updates regarding the case.