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Mexican Model Altair Jarabo: Boyfriend or husband? She seems to be busy in career and single

October 5, 2016
First published on:October 5, 2016
by John

Famous Mexican model Altair Jarabo is a perfect combination of sexy and boldness. She in all sense is a perfect example of Mexican beauty. So, is the thirty years old supermodel single?

Let's find out all about the Mexican Model for famous magazines like Vogue, Glamour, Elle,Harper’s Bazaar and  Mademoiselle, Altair Jarabo.

Busy with her career as a model and traveling all over the world for events and photo shoots in beautiful places of Mexico, Europe and States she seems to be enjoying her career and lifestyle staying in places like Paris and The St. Regis Florence hotel in Mexico; she is having the time of her life but there is something missing in her perfect life. So, is there anything the Mexican model is missing?

Obviously, A boyfriend! She runs tight in her schedule and does bikini photo shoot and ramp walks all over the world. So, it limits her probability to have a boyfriend but there are fewer details that we will like to draw your attention towards, and those are her Instagram Quotes.

Here are a few small details that will prove she has a secret boyfriend or she may be dating someone secretly.

Fact number one: Privet photographs from phones in exotic locations: 


Image was taken at PHD Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown on

For a supermodel like her, getting a photo clicked is nothing new but getting the picture clicked in a privet time on while she is enjoying wine on her hotel room's terrasse is a privet moment. Most of her pictures are captioned in the Spanish language so people will superficially think she has no boyfriend. but this image looks tells a different story.

Fact number two: Cheesy lines for a Guy named Christian

She is pretty tied up with her friends and family most of the time her cousins are seen replying to her pictures but who do you think this guy is?

Christian me enseño algo nuevo hoy! Ojalá pueda abrir una botella de champagne en mi casa, como lo hacían las tropas de #napoleon . Si no, tendré que regresar a brindar de nuevo

Translation: Christian taught me something new today! Hopefully I can open a bottle of champagne in my house, as they did napoleon troops. If not, I'll have to call him back again

The guy is well dressed in a custom made suit and is teaching her a trick to open a champagne but at the most interesting part at the end is "I will have to take him home if I fail to open the bottle on my own"

The line sounds way too easier, and our sources confirm that Christian is a guy from camera crew for famous Magazine Vogue.

Sources: Instagram

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