Mexican Actor Fernando Colunga and girlfriend Blanca Soto can't wait to get married. Soto in full-on wedding planning mode

HitBerryPublished on   19 Aug, 2015Updated on   19 Aug, 2015

According to reports Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto are excitedly planning for their wedding. The couple is together for almost two years and finally got engaged last year.

The couples were recently spotted at a jewelry shop where Soto was seen choosing rings and dresses for herself in a store at Miami.

Soto is said to be very excited about her marriage. She is planning to get married lavishly and for that, she is receiving help from Colunga's mother, who is giving her the suggestions and helping her plan for the ceremony.

Even before getting married, Soto, who soon to be Colunga's wife, seems very close to her in laws, which we take as a good sign. She is getting full support of her in-laws in preparing of the wedding.

According to a popular magazine, the actress, Carmine Salinas, was the first one to reveal about Colunga and Soto’s relationship. She said, "They started seeing each other on the sets of the movie 'La Vida Blanca'.  "The two have been an item since they appeared in the movie together, for the first time and soon started living together at Colunga's place in Miami" she added.

"The hot couples are very advanced, as Soto is staying together with his fiancé in Miami, a place where they're seen frequently when they're not shooting", added the Latin Post.

Colunga, a promising actor, is well known for his work in telenovela, 'Maria Mercedes'. He started acting in telenovela from 1992. This telenovela was originally supposed to be for 10 episodes. But due to its popularity and fan following, this telenovela was extended with 80 more episodes by the producers. From then on, his career went on to next level.

Besides working as an actor, in 2011, Colunga started learning to direct the movies. Colunga made his directorial debut with the play "Obscuro Total" and was joined by his girlfriend Soto in producing the play.

Talking about the drama, the actress, Mujica said, "The audience will not stop laughing".

"I 'm the victim- a completely honest person and smart executive that is suddenly in doubt about the nine-year relationship she has with her husband" she said about the character she plays, Laura Esquivel to Extra News.

"It’s a reflection of what we are experiencing today in the society; the problem in the relationship of the couples who have been together for a years. We do not yet understand the relationship and love change color, flavor," she added. "The first option is to the end and that's it. We don’t dedicate ourselves to work on it a little and give it our best effort. He entire audience will identify each of the characters. It's so real."

Colunga is very active on social media. He regularly tweets on Twitter and shares pictures on Instagram to keep in touch with his fans and his loved ones.