Melissa Womer Net worth: She got richer after divorce. It was $3.5 million settelment and child support

Melissa Womer is popular for being the wife of one of the greatest actors in the whole world, James Eugene, otherwise known as ‘Jim Carrey’. But due to some personal issues, they had to file a divorce in 1995. And the weird thing is Melissa Womer got much richer after their divorce and sources believe that Jim had to pay more than $3 million.

Melissa Womer Net Worth

Melissa Womer is an American producer who has produced some of the popular movies like ‘The Yesterday Show with John Kerwin’ and ‘Real Stories of the Donut Men’. With producing, she didn’t happen to earn much like the rest of the successful producers out there.

However, after the break with Jim, Melisa’s net worth kind of took a height to a certain level. The break cost Jim $3.5 million of settlement, also includes $10,000 worth of child support. Later, after 8 years, Melissa refilled and claimed a lot more money for god knows why. 

Melissa Womer and Jim Carrey

Melissa Womer and Jim Carrey

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Jim Carrey and Melissa Womer

Jim and Melissa had known each other since the days when Carrey was a struggling stand-up comedian. They met at a comedy store and fell for each other before they even knew. And to let ya people know, they remained friends for like 2 years before they thought of taking their relationship to the next level. 

Melissa Womer, Jane Carrey and Jim Carrey

Melissa Womer, Jane Carrey, and Jim Carrey

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Then, they started dating each other and gave love a shot. The ‘once upon a time lovely pair’ married on March 28th, 1987at a hotel in Santa Monica, California. Moreover; together, they gave birth to their first daughter ‘Jane Carrey’ on September 6th, 1987. 

Jane Carrey

Jane Carrey

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Jim Carrey and Melissa Womer Divorce

Jim supposedly decided to ditch the home buddy Melissa for Hollywood hottie ‘Lauren Holly’. And they filed a divorce on December 11th, 1995. Maybe, it’s not just about Melissa getting dumped or anything, you know there are always two sides of the story. I am pretty sure there is more to it behind the scenes. 

Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly

Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly

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