Melania Trump’s sister Ines Knauss Dating History; Know in Detail about her Affairs and Relationship

As everyone know Ines Knauss is the big sister of the First Lady Melania Trump, it is an unknown fact that she is an artist. There are much more things kept secret about her life. And, one of such is the relationship status of Ines.


We all know that she is the confidante of Melania Trump. But, it is really hard to get any information about her personal life. Such a secretive person, isn’t she? Well, today, we have hunt down some details of her private life. Scroll down to know more about her.

Ines Knauss Love Affairs

Ines Knauss, the big sister of Melania Trump, has been able to maintain her personal life away from the limelight while her sister is the center of attraction of the media these days. Even then, she has kept her twitter private.

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[ CAPTION: Ines Knauss ]

There is not so much post regarding her relationship status on her Facebook. But we can see her page is filled with her work (sketches and painting).

[ CAPTION: Melania Facebook Post ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Possibly she might be single. There is no any record of her past relationship. She doesn’t seem to be married till the date. In next side, Ines might be married or dating but did not reveal it.

Relationship between Ines Knauss and Melania Trump

Well, the best part of having a sister in life is that a sister knows us better than anyone else and support us in every step of life. Likewise, Ines and Melania also have a good relationship with each other. According to New York Post, Ines and Melania are more than sisters. They are best friends.

[ CAPTION: Melania Trump and Ines Knauss ][ SOURCE: Independent ]

Ines was Melania’s maid-of-honor at her wedding with Donald Trump as per the People magazine. Even we have got to hear that Ines is living in an apartment near her sister on Park Avenue in New York City. It is also a proof of the love of those siblings that they cannot live apart from each other.

[ CAPTION: A newspaper featuring the sisters ][ SOURCE: Press Reader ]

Back in the 1990s, both sisters left their hometown Slovenia together to start their respective career. While Melania took a step in a modeling career, Ines attempted to break into fashion design. In the speech given by Melania in July 2017 at the Republican National Convention, she said that her sister is an incredible woman and a friend.

Even if Ines Knauss is not found to be romantically linked with any guys, but she has an excellent relationship with her sister Melania. Well, maybe she is not interested in such dating affairs.