Mel Tillis, who underwent surgery and was hospitalized is getting healthier. Has received a lot of support from his wife.

HitBerryPublished on   06 Apr, 2016Updated on   21 May, 2021

Legendary country singer Mel Tillis recently went through a very important surgery for him and now is out of critical condition and on his way to a healthy recovery. It was suggested that he was in a very pitiable condition. However, it is now believed that he is better and in good health.

His doctors have said he is doing very well in spite of going through a very critical surgery at such an age. It has also been suggested that his road to recovery is going very well and smoother than expected.

His wife Kathy was a constant and immovable support for him and kept believed that Mel would be doing better. Even when earlier there came a situation when Mel had reached critical condition and it was feared that he may soon be lost to the world.

The singer who at the age of 83 still manages to perform for fans has been credited to being a fighter and has fought his way through the surgery back to life. He had to undergo a special surgery for his colon.

Mel was scheduled to perform in the world famous Country Music Cruise. However due to his absence, his show was canceled as he would be needing extended rest for his recovery. His wife Kathy has been seeing to it that Mel receives proper care and everything he needs to make a smooth and healthy recovery.

Mel’s has been married twice and Kathy is his second wife. His former wife Doris and he filed for a divorce a long time ago and separated through mutual consent. His first marriage with Doris Tills took place when Mel was a young and just fairly accomplished musician.

Mel has been a performer his entire life and has been performing for over fifty years. His very first recordings date back to the 50’s. Some of his biggest hits in his long illustrious career have been “I Ain’t Never”, “Good Woman Blues”, “Coca-Cola Cowboy”, “Send me down to Tucson” and “New Patches”.

He is also a recipient of the prestigious award from the National Media of Arts for his contribution to Country Music. Mel is also father to admired country singer Pam Tills. He is widely considered as one of the leading figures of country music by fans and associations.

His dedication to the genre of country music is second to none and also has one of the best top ten hit songs in the genre. That is unmatched by any other musician on same lines.

Mel’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $20 Million. It is believed he has made most of his earnings through his long and successful music career spanning over fifty years.