Mehcad Brooks's extensive dating life, all about his past girlfriend

October 2, 2015
First Published On: October 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Mehcad Brooks is one of the leading African American models in the American model industry. Having already modeled for some of fashion industries biggest names like Calvin Kline, Ralph Lauren, and Timberland, Mehcad has been the center of attention for many of his involvements with various women in the Industry.

Mehcad’s first ever public relationship was with Victoria’s Secret model Seith Ebanks. They were spotted all over town in L.A . They were also seen holding hands and getting cozy at some of the finest dining locations in town. They were spotted at several night clubs and were also known to have hit the floor to dance together. Some witnesses, who spotted them said” They were dancing very close to each other and seemed to really enjoy each other’s company.“

Mehcad moved on from his relationship with Seith and no one knows what exactly happened between them to make them stop seeing each other so abruptly. Mehcad’s next relationship involved model Brandi Glanville. they were spotted together many times, mostly during early mornings when they went together for a morning hike on the outskirts of L.A. Mehcad was seen driving Brandi around town for her Christmas shopping and some sources even claim that Mehcad was invited to Brandi’s home for Christmas that year.

However Mehcad’s affair with Brandi was also short lived and he and Brandi were not seen together in early spring that year. Mehcad’s most publically followed relationship was with Elisabetta Canalis. The duo were dating for over a year, in which they accompanied each other to premiers and various other award ceremonies and functions. They were very flamboyant about their relationship and were seen together several times, publicly displaying their affection for each other.

However, Elisabetta called off the relationship, which led to a furious row between the two. Sources claim that Brooks had been cheating on Elisabetta with another model. Mehcad and Elisabeth sources had claimed that they had been secretly engaged and were all set to get married soon. The couples were also spotted in Europe over the months leading to their break up and were seen to be madly in love. The sudden split left a lot of questions hanging around, which both Mehcad and Elisabeth did not have any plans of answering.

After an abrupt end to his previous relationship, Brooks did not immediately get back to dating. Rather he decided to take some time off from commitments and focused on his professional career.

Brooks is not known to have married anybody as of yet. He has mentioned that he is still looking for the woman who someday will be his wife. He is 35 years of age and will be celebrating his 36th birthday this month on the 25th of October. Brooks is an active social net worker who tweets frequently and can be followed @MehcadBrooks on Twitter. He also shares pictures regularly on the popular picture sharing website Instagram can be followed as mehcadbrooks.