Meghan Gill emerges out the winner of Hell's Kitchen Season 14

June 14, 2015
First Published On: June 14, 2015
by HitBerry

Roanoke-based Chef Meghan Gill has been crowned as the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 14.

Well, this is just beginning of her success. Along with the title of celebrated reality television cooking competition, she has been awarded with a head chef position at Gordon Ramsey’s Pub & Grill in Caesar, Atlantic City with a quarter-of-a-million dollars salary.

The culinary show not only fetched her prize and overnight fame but also a life changing opportunity to work at Ramsey’s Pub along with former HK winner, La Tasha McCutchen.

The 28 year old chef started her culinary career at the young age of 19 and has specialized in French-based Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, she had received trainings in French cuisine from L’Academie de Cuisine from Maryland.

Meghan formerly worked as an executive chef at Stefano’s in Roanoke, Virginia.

Gill in her interviews has stated, her previous work environment had been pretty harsh even added she was literally ‘traumatized’. This might actually have helped her handle-the-heat in HK.

After quitting her previous job, she decided to try her luck on HK and this turned out to be significant step in her life it led her to win a chance to work at a celebrity chef’s kitchen.

 Gill’s journey from the top 18 to victory hasn’t been an easy one though. She had had her equal share of ups and downs in the kitchen. The competition went on to become tougher with every step. To top it all off, Chef Ramsey has quite a repo for being hard on his contestants but that didn’t stop Meghan from pursuing her dreams. She laboured hard which did pay off in the end.

The season finale was critiqued by Gordon Ramsey along with giant culinary names like Wolfgang Puck and other guest celebrity chefs. After an intense service challenge between T Gregorie and Meghan, the finalists had to stand outside their respective ceremonial doors. Only the winner’s door would open.

The moment arrived, heartbeats pumped. Finally a door opened and Meghan walked out. The crowd roared out cheers. It was the moment of her life and may be Gill celebrated her victory by savouring the best dishes around the world !!