Megan Wallace Cunningham- wife of Craig Ferguson

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Megan Wallace Cunningham is an art dealer who married popular TV show host Craig Ferguson. Megan is a native of Vermont. The 41-year-old  is a direct descendant of John and Abigail Adams. John Adams was the second president of the USA.


Meghan’s husband Ferguson is the former host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that aired on CBS from 2005 to 2014Her husband is also writer, actor, stand-up comedian, author, director, producer and the voice artist. Know about their personal life.

Megan Wallace Cunningham and Craig Ferguson's Relationship

Ferguson and Megan married in a private ceremony on December 21, 2008, after dating for about three years. The wedding ceremony took place at a farm of Megan’s parents in Chester, Vermont. Only just 15 guests got a chance to attend their special day held in a snow-covered paradise.

Craig donned a kilt (he’s Scottish by birth) on the big day of his life while Megan showed her beautiful legs in a knee-length Les Habitudes dress. 

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Craig had announced his marriage to Megan on his show on 5th January 2009. He said, ‘The wedding took place in Vermont, where they have legalized gay civil unions – and I married a woman’. He showed off his ring and added, "It's not just bling."


Ferguson announced Megan’s pregnancy on Twitter on 14th July 2010. He tweeted:

Holy crackers! Mrs. F is pregnant. How did that happen? Oh yeah, I know how. Another Ferguson arrives in 2011. The world trembles.


The couple celebrated the arrival of their baby boy, Liam, on 31st January 2011. The much-in-love couple Craig and Megan have been happily together for years. 

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Speaking of Craig Ferguson's past relationship, he tied the knot thrice and divorced twice. His first wife, Anne Hogarth is a graphic designer and his second wife, Sasha Corwin is a bodybuilder. He has one son, Milo Hamish Ferguson from his second marriage to Sasha Corwin. Craig shares Milo’s custody with Sasha who lives about two blocks away from him.

Craig Ferguson's Career

Ferguson started out his career as a drummer in a rock band and later on also got in comedy, and theatre field. Later on, in 1994, Ferguson moved to Los Angeles. Crais first acting debut was as baker Logan McDonough on the short-lived 1995 comedy Maybe This Time with Betty White and Marie Osmond.

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Craig also cast as the title character's boss, Mr. Wick on The Drew Carey Show (1996-2003). Moreover, his acting credits include roles in The Ugly Truth, How to Train our Dragon, Kick-Ass, and Winnie the Pooh. Ferguson had been to U.S. and Canada doing stand-up comedy shows the late 2000s, including performances at Radio City music hall and Carnegie Hall.

Youtube: Craig Ferguson: A Late Night Revolutionary

In 2004, Ferguson replaced Craig Kilborn on CBS's The Late Late Show. Also on April 28, 2014, Ferguson stated that he is planning to leave The Late Late Show at the end of 2014.