Meet Marlene Knaus - Biography - Ex- Wife of Niki Lauda (Niki)

Marlene Knaus is better known to be the wife of former Austrian Formula One driver, Niki Lauda. She was in the limelight when her former husband was the F1 world champion in 1975, 1977, and 1984.


Actually, Marlene Knaus came into the headline for being the wife of Niki Lauda. The couple was married for around 15 years. Sadly, the couple's married life did not work out. Here, get to know more about the ex-wife of Niki Lauda, Marlene Knaus.

Marlene Knaus Career

Being associated with such a high-profile sports celebrity, she was known by the high-fashion "It-girl." She is known to have been a model in the past.

As mentioned above, Knaus came into the headlines for marrying Niki. Besides this, she did not make any headlines. Or say, her professional career is not openly discussed. 

Marlene Knaus Dating Relationship with Niki Lauda

It has been known that Niki Lauda was in an eight-year-long relationship when he fell in love with his former wife, Marlene. According to The Guardian, Niki dumped his girlfriend to spend his life with Marlene.

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Marlene Knaus's previous Marriage 

Marlene married her former husband from Vienna, Austria - Nikki Lauda in 1976, a Formula One driver who is so renowned that a 2013 film named Rush was adapted from his story. They have two sons together - 36-year-old Mathias Lauda, who is a car race driver himself, and his brother, Lukas - acts as his elder brother's manager.

The duo went through a divorce in 1991, after 15 years of marriage. 

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Marlene Knaus's Divorce and Children

While Marlene wasn't involved in any marriage or relationships after her divorce, now 67-year-old Lauda already has a son named Christopher, with a woman he had an extra-marital affair with.  

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In 2008, he went on to marry an air-hostess, Birgit Wetzinger, who is 30 years younger than him. The couple was welcomed with twins - a daughter Mia and a boy Mae, in 2009. The news of his now-wife donating her kidney to Niki when his brother's kidney failed to function is much true.

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Marlene Knaus Relationship with husband after Divorce

Sports Celebrity Swag reports that the former couple is still in good contact with one another. At present, Marlene lives in a house in Ibiza, Miami.

Niki, in an interview, mentioned: 

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Niki Lauda is currently single. There is no any information regarding his current dating and relationship.