Meet Korie Robertson: Actress, Yoga Enthusiast, and a Very Proud Mom

June 29, 2015
First Published On: June 29, 2015
by HitBerry

Who doesn’t like Korfie Robertson? Yes, Robertson! Don’t know who? Fine!! For those of you who do not know her, Robertson is one of the major stars from the famous A&E show Duck Dynasty. Married to another co-star of the show, Willie Robertson, the couple have five children altogether.

Sporting a height of 5 feet 7, this 41 year old actress seems to be ageing gracefully! Her secret? Yoga. And it appears that she does not forget to take her husband to classes as well. The video of her husband Willie at the yoga class has even gone viral. But hey, that’s another story.

Korie and Willie apparently started dating when they were 18 and 19 respectively. They met at Harding University .After dating for less than a year, they finally married. Korie recalls, “When we first decided to get married, my parents weren’t thrilled.  They were afraid I would drop out of school, start having kids and never go to college. Then they saw how committed we were. They supported us all the way—something that runs in both our families.” Well, those two were committed indeed. And to top off their commitment, both of them have a tattoo on their ring fingers- an initial of their respective beau’s name. Their tattoo continues to set the trend, with many couple inking their fingers as well.

Going by the name bosshogswife, Korie keeps up to date with her fans through Instagram. She was quick to post pictures of her oldest son John’s wedding. She’s one happy woman at the moment. And she is usually seen singing praises about her kids. Must be a proud mommy! She is also quite active on the micro blogging site Twitter; her recent tweets being about her son’s wedding. A busy mom sharing about her son’s wedding. She also tweets about her shows upcoming episodes. Nonetheless, she sure seems to be a popular figure with 1.46 million people following her on this site.

Apparently, the famous actress does not hold back for family. She is a very dedicated mom. That’s what her children say. But, she truly is a loving mom. We could spot her last year driving and cheering for her daughter, Sadie Robertson, during her stint at Dancing with the Stars. She however manages to share her time with her other children as well. And not to forget, she is also working on a book about parenthood. In an interview, she was noted saying that she was positive about the youth- specifically addressing John and Sadie.

Jorie and the whole Robertson definitely are experiencing success right now. Korie, specifically, is defying age. Although married with five children, she continues to be one fine women. And her show doesn’t seem to be losing popularity any soon as well.