Meet Isabella Summers of Florence + the Machine.

May 6, 2016
First Published On: May 6, 2016
by HitBerry

We’ve all known and loved the indie rock group “Florence + the Machine” for their euphoric tracks but how well do we know the first member of the machine, Isabelle Summers? While some of you may think of only Florence Welch, the band’s frontwoman when you saw the name “Florence + the Machine” but Isabella Summers is just as important as Florence.


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It all began when Summers was babysitting Florence Welch’s younger sister, Grace. The girls started bonding over their love for music but she only started working with the band later when Welch and her boyfriend met her at the studios. In an interview with Roland UK, Summers revealed the beginning and much more,

“I had a little studio and I was there, making hip-hop. I knew Florence and she was next door in these studios where her boyfriend at the time was getting his guitar fixed. I said to her: “do you want to make a song today?” and she said “why not?” so we started working together.”

But "Florence + the Machine" is not the only one she works with, the talented songstress has written, produced and remixed tracks for artists like Juliette Lewis, Iggy Azalea, Ella Henderson, Flux Pavilion, Rita Ora, Judith Hill and The Game. WOW! That was quite a mouthful!

In the same interview, she talked about her remixes and solo work,

“The Life, the Love and Grateful is my prog rock psychedelic side-project. That’s like 20 guitars and we have musical freedom. We’ve got huge Iron Maiden guitar solos, mixed with dirty beats and filthy bass jams. We do nine-minutes songs with spoken word verses.”


There's Summers doing her thing!                         Source: RolandUK

Isabella Summers has always provided a unique dimension to the indie-rock group and has always amazed us with her versatile music choices when asked what wisdom she wished to impart on those trying to get into the music industry, she simply replied,

“Do it all the time – work hard. It’s hard work .”