Meet Harry Hill: comedian, TV show host and husband to artist Magda Archer, whom he has been married to for a long time

August 25, 2015
First Published On: August 25, 2015
by HitBerry

Over the years Britain has been taking credit for producing some of the funniest comedians in the entertainment industry – a few of them being Steve Coogan , Rob Brydon, John Oliver. Within this elite group of comedians, Harry Hills also has managed to squeeze in a cut.

When you think about comedians and their spouses you cannot leave out John Oliver who is married to Army Veteran. Given their relationship, we tend to naturally assume that comedians marry comedians. Likewise, in Harry’s case, his wife happens to be the famous artist Magda Archer. Archer is well known in the art world for her comic strip inspired paintings. Magda has even managed to make a comic strip for her comedian husband, Harry about how, by the time Harry and she were married, Harry at lost all his hair.

Like most married Britons, Harry to has a number of Kids, three to be exact. All of them were born in London while Harry was still hosting You’ve been framed! Other than the names of his kids the rest of his personal life has been strictly confidential.

Harry did not start out as most comedians. Contrary to most stereotypical comedians, Hill was a physician before he decided to quit and be a comedian. He did not like the trajectory his life was taking as a physician. He has said it was depressing with long hours with no job security. So, even though he had no plans on being a comedian when he was young, he turned to comedy as an adult. Now what can the odds be for such a turnaround?

 Harry started out, like all comic artist from England, by hosting radio shows. Eventually, like everybody else, he  moved on to the ‘Telly’, like the English say. He actually started on the TV in black and white silent comedies which are very rare phenomena these days.  

One of his strongest suit as an outstanding comedian is his voice. Harry has an alarming (in some way) yet charismatic and catchy voice. Hill, like his fellow compatriots, is accomplished in Sarcasm comedy.

Through the years Hill has been featured in a number of TV shows. He even began hosting his own shows. As his popularity began to grow, Harry got  a chance to feature in movies  due to popular demand by fans. And as we expect from this comedian, the movie was named solely after him, ‘The Harry Hill Movie’.

Despite being so popular, Harry never left his roots and continues to do TV and host radio shows. They say comedians can manage anything. So far, Harry has managed to collaborate with Simon Cowell and a produce a musical about the hit TV show x-factor.

Besides being a comedian a radio host, television anchor, movie actor, what no one expected fro Harry was a book. Harry has managed to write a series of novels entitled Flight from Deathrow

If one has yet to see the funny side of Harry Hill, one had better do it as soon as possible. Those wanting to follow him can do so on twitter. His username is @HarryHill.