Meet Evan Dollard;Know about American Ninja Warrior's Work Out and Strong Body's Secret

July 22, 2016
First Published On: July 22, 2016
by HitBerry

Fame comes either by your name or hard work and many times hard work is taken as only the mental ability. In fact all the time, but in that there is always a tiny speck who think about the physical hard work. We have had celebrities who are known for their perfect bodies and figure and in that list, Evan Dollard can definitely not be missed. Just look at that body; you surely will have this photographed in your memory and you don't even need to be a Mike Ross for this.

Recently giving a short interview and briefing about his upcoming association with the Ultimate Spartan Team Challenge, Evan suggested that low intake of carbohydrate and getting rid of all those tortilla chips, ice cream, and the brownies is what it all takes.That sounds pretty bad, but if you envy a body like that of Dollard and really want it- you need to do it. Afterall some sacrifices always give you great accomplishments.


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In addition to that, Evan also revealed how he watched American Gladiator as a child and when he knew about the show being remade in his youth time; he just knew one thing- HE HAD TO BE THERE. With all his hard work he did win the show, but for him, it was his childhood dream getting accomplished more than anything.

Evan Dollard and American Ninja Warrior

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Evan Dollard, who is known as the Warrior and Gladiator at times laughingly admitted too that he has a pretty bad CV with all these qualities, but being a part of American Gladiators he loves these to no length. Dollard who was the winner of the first revival season of the very show was rewarded these names after being associated with it. Not just that he also took part in the American Ninja Warriors. Rather, he came to the show since the season 3 and made appearances till the 7th season of the show. He is seen enthusiastic about the new season too.

Evan Dollard body and workout regime

Dollard emphasizes on healthy living and exercise as a key to a fit body. Good amount of intake of food and a proper workout is what he suggests can get you a body like his. But that is not just all that is required; he added that you need a lot of focus and determination as it is not going to be easy and full of mistakes, but one should not give up as it will take a lot of time. Evan recalled how fitness has been an integral part of his life since a child and well for a body like that patience is the key.


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Evan Dollard personal life

Evan Dollard, who is known for his work in Lifeline Trilogy and American Gladiators is a native of Chicago whose age is 34 years. Also famous with his nickname “Rocket”, Evan currently resides in Fox River Grove in Illinois. The host of Ultimate Spartan Challenge ; Dollard enjoys a height of 5 feet and 10 inches.

Evan Dollard and his charity of Cancer

Evan Dollard who has been associated the show American Ninja Warrior for a long time uses some of his money for contributing to his philanthropic work.

Evan Dollard who has been associated the show American Ninja Warrior for a long time uses some of his money for contributing to his philanthropic work.

Cancer on a whole is something that even makes a normal person go in his state of zone and for Evan, it is even more of a personal issue. Why? Well, his mother, aunt, and great aunt had all suffered death due to this very disease and so he believes in raising money for this cause. He is also thankful for American Ninja Warriors and American Gladiators because this gave him an opportunity to give back to the people who are in dire need of it. He is actively involved with Day of Champions event where he contributes in his own way for fighting back the disease.