Meet Chandra Wilson, a.k.a. Dr Miranda Bailey, and learn all about her personal life, husband, children and more

HitBerryPublished on   01 Sep, 2015Updated on   25 May, 2021

Grey’s Anatomy is and will be one of the finest series ever. And now that the 12th season is underway, fans are definitely eager to see how it fares. And by fans, we mean numbers that exceed millions. From myself, to young medical degree aspiring students, to doctors themselves (given they get free time ) to others, the show has been one of the most loved shows. No wonder it is entering another season, which now that Dr. Derek is dead, promises to be a great season. But, enough about the show! From characters such as Meredith to Christina to Sloan, the series is filled with characters we simply love- no matter how annoying or idiotic they may seem. Today, we take a closer look at one of the lead characters of the show. If Chandra Wilson does not budge your brains, Dr. Bailey, yes the very tough as nail doctor who has been leading the show, (not leading literally though) since her debut back in 2005, certainly will.

Noted for her role as Dr. Miranda Bailey, it was only after 15 years of her TV debut that she landed the desired role that proved to be a breakthrough in her career. She is currently married to husband Wilson. They have three children altogether; daughter Serena, born in 1992, daughter Joy, born in 1994, and son Michael, born on October 31, 2005. The five look like a great family indeed. This definitely falsifies any rumors that Wilson was gay. Let alone the news she had a girlfriend!

While trying to make a name in the industry, she had occasionally landed guest spots on several prime-time television shows, which included The Cosby Show (1989), Law & Order (1992) and CBS's School break Special (1992). Her first major big-screen debut came alongside Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington in the highly acclaimed 1993 blockbuster movie Philadelphia. However, she still struggled after the movie. And for eight long years, she had to work as a teller at Deutsche Bank in order to make ends meet. Such was the struggle she faced. Her brief and much loved TV appearances came pouring with shows such as Third Watch (2001), Sex and the City (2002), The Sopranos (2004) and Law And Order: SVU. She was also featured on Broadway stage in musicals such as On the Town (1998), Avenue Q (2003) and Caroline, or Change (2004). Still, a major breakthrough was at large.

Well, fast forward some 10 years and she can barely shop at a mall without being asked for autographs. A popular figure not only in the show, but equally on Twitter and Instagram, Wilson has finally been recognized for her works with many Emmy nominations to her accolades. Such was her acting skills that Dr. Bailey was actually a tall Caucasian doctor, but Wilson’s acting so impressed the director that they altered her appearance. We now know Dr. Bailey as the short African–American doctor who, if what she said on the latest interview is true, will be the hard-talking doctor we have come to love.