Meet Beast Zuckerberg: Pet Dog Of Mark Zuckerberg And Priscilla Chan. Find interesting facts about him.


Beast, a Hungarian sheepdog commonly known as Puli is a gift to Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg by his wife Priscila Chan of their wedding . Mark’s long-time girlfriend Chan bought purebred Puli, named it as ‘Beast’ and even set up a Facebook account. As of now, Beast has more than 2.3 million likes on its Facebook page. So called as Mark and Chan’s cute baby; claims to live in Palo Alto with Facebook founder Mark and Priscilla. Ridiculously, this charming dog likes herding sheep.

Beast Facebook Account

Priscilla and Mark Zuckerberg’s Wedding along with Beast

After 9 years long relationship, Mark finally married Priscilla in. At the wedding ceremony, the bride carried Beast along with her as an escort. The dog was a perfect match to her Claire Pettibone wedding gown. Mark and Priscilla spent 7 months on planning wedding, keeping couple’s engagement close to a secret.

Beast Sleeping Bed

Beast as Parenthood Trainer

Beast as Parenthood trainer

Priscilla Chan, in her very first interview, revealed Beast being a parenthood trainer. Moreover, she also added that both she and Mark are training to know how it seems to be parents.

Max, a first female child of Mark surely gets what she needs as their child as they already experienced what it means to be parents; even though it was for a pet.

Facebook hired Beast as Engineer

Beast at Facebook

Beast likes to be Sea Urchin

Beast likes to run, what where is its leg?

I am beast, No one can see me!

Beast likes Sheep Herding, Herding Stance

No one can challenge me, I am just like my father

Bathing is the secret of my beauty

I am the Boss here!

Am I a teddy bear? Or son of Pricilla?

Dad Punished Me! I don’t like being punished!

I am hungry! Help me choose!

Dad likes ‘The Washington Post’.

Do you like it? If you are thinking of getting one, it costs you around $1000.