Meet Alex McLeod: Host of TV shows and Philanthropist, with a mysterious dating history

If you have watched TLC’s Trading Spaces, then you are surely familiar with Alex McLeod. Trading Spaces clearly showed Alex’s aptitude as a Host and her charm and wit helped her garner success .For Alex her achievement isn’t measured by her successful career. Rather, she measures it through her accomplishments of her charitable effort.

Although Alex is an internationally recognized television personality, she is as humble as one can be. She has time and again mentioned that giving back to the community are her greatest accomplishments. McLeod in 2001 worked as a fundraiser for UNICEF. In 2004 after the disaster caused by Katrina she helped first hand in rehabilitating families and spreading awareness for the victims.

After the Haiti earthquake in 2011, Alex traveled to Haiti to gain firsthand knowledge about the effects and damages caused by the quake. On her return from Haiti she organized several fundraisers and luncheons to gather funds to support the people of Haiti.

Apart from Philanthropy her career has spanned a number of popular TV shows. She is still an avid Entertainment News Correspondent, a trained Chef and a Public Speaker. She has also been known to Interview actors on Red carpets primarily in the Oscar’s.

Alex is known for her instinctive approach to entertainment and is also known for her capability to speak her mind and add style to any projects she takes on .She is also known for being a versatile entertainer for her ability to adapt from talk show host to news correspondent to emcee of corporate projects for Fortune 500 companies.

McLeod, despite being a celebrity, has managed to keep her personal life extremely discreet. We do know that she has children, a daughter, but haven’t got a clue as to who her husband is. Neither do we know when she got married. She has also never been linked to anyone in relationship gossips. She has, by far, managed to keep all her private matters away from the public eye.

Talking about her upbringing she has told that she was brought up in a house of a politician and was frequently on the road , travelling from one venue to another campaigning with her father. Maybe that’s where she learnt the skills needed in a travel show so incredibly like no one else.

Alex has a degree in Communications from the University of Texas. After her course ended at Texas, she went to study film history at the prestigious UCLA, which she has said was the foundation for her professional life ahead. All she learnt there, she took with her wherever she went.

McLeod is reportedly worth over $5 Million in net worth and she has been known to charge a fee of $30,000 per appearance as a speaker in private functions. She is not very active on social networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram.