Meet actress Wallis Currie-Wood's boyfriend Alex Sharp, whom she started dating last year

October 6, 2015
First published on:October 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Wallis Currie-Wood, who is currently dating actor Alex Sharp, whom she met in Julliard School. He was her classmate.

Wallis and Alex already had some sort of sentimental connection while attending school, say some of their classmates. They were always seen together during classes and after classes. Some sources even claim that Wallis used to spend much of her time in Alex’s apartment. They already had a solid foundation for support their romantic relationship.

Wallis joined Julliard the same year Alex did and both were in the same classes. Their interests sparked in the early days of their schooling, after which they were known to be close friends. Later they were romantically involved, but they did not make it official.

After graduating, when they began working in separate countries, they managed to maintain their connection and on the 6th of October 2014, Alex and Wallis formally stated that they are in a relationship and are very happy together.  

Wallis has accompanied Alex to almost all of his premiers and Alex has done the same for her. They have been known to appear together for various functions including the New York Fashion week. Recently, Alex accompanied Wallis to the premier of the movie “The Intern”, which she is a part of.

“The Intern” is Wallis’s most successful movie achievement as she shares screen time with two Academy Award winners Anne Hathway and Robert DeNiro. Wallis was also seen casually kissing her boyfriend Alex during the Red Carpet photo shoot in the premier.

Wallis is also fashion enthusiast and was seen alongside her boyfriend paying a visit to the designer, Billy Reid’s studio, where they were seen taking measurements for what seemed like a dress that Billy is going to specially design for one of Wallis’s premiers.

More recently, the adored young couples were seen in the front row of the Torch Burch Spring 2016 collection showcase in New York. They were seen as a mature couple who have moved on from being school sweet hearts to eligible man and woman.

Wallis has had a lot of luck and success in her professional life too. She is a currently a regular cast member in the hit US TV show Madam Secretary. Her other talents besides acting includes playing violin, an instrument she has been practicing since she was five years old.

Wallis is just twenty four years old and is considered by many to be a breakout star and a successful actress in the years to come.  She is also mildly popular in the social networking world. She is a regular when it comes to posting fresh feeds online and has been gathering momentum in the number of people that follow her both in Twitter and on Instagram. She can be followed @walliscw on Twitter and as walliscw on Instagram.

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