Mc Lyte Lesbian Rumor Falsified, Finds a Boyfriend and Getting Married

HitBerryPublished on   17 Feb, 2017Updated on   16 May, 2021

MC Lyte is an American rapper who came to highlight in the late 1980s. You may be surprised to know that she was the first female rapper to release a full album and is considered as one of the hip-hop’s pioneer feminists. No doubt that her albums are all awesome. Maybe you should give it a try.

MC Lyte has always been controversial when it comes to her love life. Apart from her career, her personal life has also gained popularity. Her lesbian rumor is still one of the hot news in the town. But let me tell you that she has found the love of her life and the rumors turned out to be false.

MC Lyte wants to get Married soon

It is not unusual to hear the lesbianism when it comes to female rappers. MC Lyte is one of them. Her close relation with Queen Latifah and Tichina Arnold added extra pace to the rumor.

MC Lyte


Not only that, she was rumored dating Janelle Monae after the Grammy nominee in 2015. Janelle Monae said that she was not for male consumption which brought a big question mark in the sexuality of MC Lyte.

And it’s obvious to hear such rumors as she was not seen hanging out with any male for a long time. However, we also got to hear that Lyte was married to Todd Brown. But we cannot claim anything as we do not have any shreds of evidence.

Source: Instagram

 Going through her Instagram account we found that she was constantly posting about true love, peace, and God. We can say that she knows how to have patience. Her prayers finally worked. She has also said to her fans not to give up on love before.

MC Lyte has finally come to a conclusion that she wants to get married and revealed her lover. It’s a man, not a woman, though. So, this has left her lesbian rumors all behind. 

She has posted a picture with her boyfriend and said “What can I say, except thank you, Lord!! It's been a long time, this single life, and I thank you all for your prayers and kind words of hope. God has sent me true love. For all of you waiting on LOVE- don't give up - keep God first and he will see that you meet your match.”

Source: Instagram

Well, a big Congratulations to MC Lyte and wishes for better future. With her relation, she puts decade worth of rumors to come to an amazing end.