Max Scherzer's married Erica May-Scherzer: Know their relationship and married life

Max Scherzer is a well-known name as he is a professional baseball pitcher for the Washington Nationals. Max is a very determined and career oriented person so he rarely remains in the news for his personal life.

I think it’s time we give a look at his personal life as well. The tall and hunky Max is living a good and happy life with his wife. Find out more.

Max Scherzer married Erica May in 2013. Do they have children?

How does it feels to marry the one you have always loved? Obviously, it would be a great moment. Max is considered lucky in this matter as he married the one he loved. Max married Erica May on November 2013.

The couple dated for about 8 years and after knowing each other they decided to tie the knot. Throughout their dating period, they shared each and everything, built trust and supported each other in every aspect of the life. That’s why the couple thought they couldn’t be apart.

The big moment took place in Scottsdale, Arizona. They took a break from their everyday life and went for honeymoon in New Zealand and Arizona. Max and Erica celebrated their big time of being together by traveling to distant places and adventuring throughout the week. They frequently posted pictures of them adventuring after their marriage.

Max and Erica both went to the University of Missouri in 2003. Erica was a star Pitcher on the high-school softball team. Both enjoyed their time at the University playing and going out together. Max is not linked to any other girl except Erica till now.

Speaking about their children, they don’t have one till now. The couple is focusing on their career so are not planning on having a baby or adopting. They share most of their time together and we are sure they will reveal the big news by themselves someday.

Short about Max Scherzer’s wife: Erica May

In case you are wondering what Erica does, she is a Human rights Advocate. She works as an Ambassador for Polaris. Polaris is an organization that works to fight against human rights. She started working for the organization in 2015 by using her history of advocacy.

Erica is a social activist and she has done many awareness programs before. She always comes first when it’s about human rights. Previously, Erica worked for the Night Out. Also, she worked for multiple non-profit organization and claims to do so in the future for the Human rights and awareness.