Max Holloway Weight And Fight Challenge Against Khabib Nurmagomedov

July 6, 2018
First Published On: April 4, 2018
by arjun

UFC Champ Max Holloway has less than a week to cut the unhealthy amount of weight to fight against lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov.


Let me tell you, Khabib Nurmagomedov is that type of fighter you better think twice to fight on short notice of 6 days. But accepting the fight Max Holloway has earned a huge respect from his MMA fans. Holloway replaced Tony Ferguson after he suffered a knee injury in Saturday event in Brooklyn, NY.

The day Max got the notification; he posted on Twitter ‘Player one ready’ with a smiling snap.

If we closely paid attention to the sports over the years, we will figure out the toughest and most risky part of Wrestling in a ring is not only punches. It’s the grueling weight lose before fist.

Max and Khabib weight Cut in progress.


By coming Friday Max has to get down to 155 pounds if he wants to be in the fighting cage. Max’s nutritionist George Lockhart said its “genuinely torturous week for him.” His highest weight cut help till now was for Bellator Vet Brian Roger who dropped 26 pounds in just 5 days.

Before accepting the challenge he was walking around with 181 pounds. Here weight dropping might seem the problem but the original danger is of health. Early this year, Middleweight Uriah Hall suffered ‘slight heart attack’ in the process of cutting his ungodly amount of weight.

What Fans Think About Max Holloway Fight?




Like said, the fans are really happy with his decision. We can just watch and wait. But, our support is always with him.