Is Matthew Lewis Married? Know in Detail about his Affairs and Relationship

October 29, 2017
First Published On: October 29, 2017

Former Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis best known for portraying Neville Long bottom in the film who appeared in movies like The Syndicate and comedy-drama Bluestone 42 is recently into gossips for his dating life.

Is the renowned actor dating someone or is he already married? If this question has ever engrossed your mind then we are here with all the details on his personal life. So without further delay, let's dive deep into Matthew Lewis' personal life and fond out more.

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Is Matthew Lewis married?

Matthew's fans are wondering if the stunner is married or has a girlfriend. However, Lewis has kept his fans confused regarding his personal life details. And if you all think that Lewis is married to his girlfriend Angela Jones then you are wrong because he is just engaged to Angela Jones.

Matthew Lewis and his fiance together Matthew Lewis and his fiance together                                    Source: Daily Mail

It appears the actor Matthew Lewis' is far more fortunate in the sentimental division, the 27-year-old star has united with to his better half Angela Jones. The British star proposed his Event manager girlfriend Angela Jones a month ago; after an impulsive relationship, only four months after she separated from her initial spouse as reported by  TMZ.

Angela Jones and Matthew Lewis in front of the Eifel tower Angela Jones and Matthew Lewis in front of the Eifel tower
Source: Daily Mail

According to a source, Angela gladly flaunting her stunning precious stone ring in front of the Eiffel Tower in the city of love Paris is her engagement ring gifted by Matthew. He supposedly proposed Angela during their vacation in Paris. The romantic pair is spending their quality time together touring different places.

Matthew Lewis's past affairs

The actor seems, by all accounts, to be an entirely private individual, with the exception of when he's showing that informal smile and those tight abs. But before Matthew dated Angela, he was romantically involved with a lady named Shinead.

Matthew Lewis and his ex-girlfriend Shinead Husband Matthew Lewis and his ex-girlfriend Shinead                          Source: Zimbio

In November 2012, Lewis revealed Alison Wynd (an educator), as his sweetheart in an interview with The Mirror. That's the only time Lewis ever opened up about Alison and has never said anything regarding this afterward.

Matthew Lewis and his ex-girlfriend Alison Wynd Matthew Lewis and his ex-girlfriend Alison Wynd,      Source: VFX Specialists

Moreover, Matthew never cleared the air regarding his relationship with Wynd, an educator and added to that, Lewis never shared any photograph of either woman. So, they might as well be good friends. These were a few unknown relationship facts on Matthew Lewis. We hope you enjoyed it.