Matt Marksberry recalled from Double-A

April 21, 2016
First published on:April 21, 2016
by HitBerry

After being called for Double-A league Matt Marksberry could not help himself from sharing this from twitter. He tweeted about traveling to Mississippi, we don’t have to think hard why that is so.

Double-A is the second of the grand baseball league after Triple-A in Minor League Baseball so we can only imagine why Matt is finding is difficult to keep his happiness.

After Casey Kelly was promoted to Triple-A Gwinnett as the result for his three solid innings in his Braved debut last Friday, LHP Marksberry was able to secure his position being called up for the vacant position.

Just 25, Marksberry still has got some time, probably to go all the way to Triple-A and who knows even to Major League Baseball. He does have that potential. For now, we are pretty sure that he will make the best out of Mississippi braves.

Off to Mississippi ?????

— Matt Marksberry (@SirLEFTYDuro) April 2, 2016

Playing for Atlanta Gwinett, being called for one of its double A associates, Matt is sure to keep up to his reputation. As he is one of the inactive rosters, why not?

We all agree that Matt did not have the best run in Major league last season, probably the worst, he didn’t let it get him down.

“I felt comfortable down there, got my work in, didn’t get down or anything, didn’t feel sorry for myself or any of that because that can lead to you playing bad. So I kept a positive outlook and it helped me get back up.”

It seems Gonzalez also trusts him of his role

“His biggest thing for us, he got a taste of the big leagues last year; put him back in Double-A, make him work on his delivery a little bit, make him throw the ball over the plate. He did that. He’s earned the call back up here.”

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