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Matt Lauer Explains his Casanova Image. Did he really not Sleep with Natalie Morales?

May 11, 2017
First published on:July 17, 2016
by HitBerry

“It’s about family.”

The exact three words of TODAY’s Matt Lauer, who has a big explanation to give for why he addressed the rumors about Natalie Morales. Matt Lauer had a lot to tell or rather vent because he apparently is tired of being associated with so much. Seems like Matt has a lot to deal with in his life. Example: a bickering and feisty wife.

After the recent link-ups and havoc in his life, Matt felt it was high time he spoke up. In a podcast, Matt revealed that now his family was getting associated( we exactly don’t know which family he was talking about though after all, even workplace is a kind of extended home, ya know).

Evidently Matt now felt that it was absurdly useless for rumors of his and Natalie Morales’s relation because his family was now “threatened” and “being targeted” which was simply very offending and also the most important reason as to why he spoke up like this. No need for a Deja Vu because even Natalie had same words- the rumors were “very disturbing” and “extremely sexist.”

Yet if we just look at the past and entry of Natalie Morales at Today’s show; Natalie joined the media house in 2006 and within two years she got in as the co-anchor of the show.

In a world of coincidences ; Ann Curry the previous show host had a pretty dramatic exit from the show and maybe it was just Natalie’s exceptionally well working style that landed her in such a position just in two years.A big maybe here.

Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer.

Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer.

However though history does seem to repeat as it always does because Ann Curry had a similar exit like one Natalie Morales is having. But wait a second. There is a twist in the story.

Reportedly Annette Roque, who is the present wife of Matt had said even before that if by any chance Natalie is the replacement for Ann Curry then she would divorce Matt.

Well divorce did not happen (although they filed for one they “reconciled”)but seems like some chords of the past did strike because, like in 2006 Natalie has been associated with Matt again; how intriguing that after a decade it all is coming and going again. Karma plays this game really well.

Hampton's home of Matt Lauer.

Hampton's home of Matt Lauer.

In spite of all of this let’s have a small check. This is not the first time Matt has been linked up with a “co-worker” but amusingly the first time he spoke up for his “family.”

Matt has been linked before too with another co - host Meredith Viera and Annette Roque is his second wife. He was previously married to Nancy Alpaugh, who had divorced him in 1988. How fascinating would it be if by any chance Matt worked for Playboy magazine?

Matt Lauer kissing Meredith Viera

Matt Lauer kissing Meredith Viera

With news of Matt insisting on Natalie being fired from the show and now putting up his Hamptons house on sale for 18 million there is a lot to know about this alleged affair. Looks like Matt wants to take away all the bad luck from his “life” as he says, because why not, after all, he is a “family man” you know.

Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer.

Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer.

Pretty interesting or maybe just another coincidence as it has always been in Matt’s life that Hampton is exactly the place where his wife Annette Roque spotted Matt with a “blonde haired lady”.

If by any chance you are wondering what is Natalie’s hair color- it is also blonde. Coincidences again, but well everything is fair coz #HailFamily.

We wonder though if he considers all his co-actress as his extended family too. Just saying.

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