Matt Lauer Buys $36.5 Million Real Estate from Richard Gere in Hamptons. Know his Net Worth

NBCs’ The Todays show anchor Matt Lauer recently bought an estate from American actor Richard Gere. The estate is located in Hamptons and was bought at $36.5 million, extravagant isn’t it? Not so much coming from someone who pockets $28 million salary per year. Oh, wait! Did I just say salary? Yes, I did, he earns a whopping sum of $28 million a year.

Now with that massive earning, it is not a big issued for him to buy such an expensive estate and the mansion is undoubtedly worth the sum. Covering the massive area of 6.2 acres the Strongheart Manor has 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, the estate sure is an exquisite and a big one. It is located in Sag Harbor, New York. Although built in 1902 the mansion is regularly renovated and installed with the latest technology. As a result, the house has a nice amalgamation of history and the modern style .The house alone covers 19,000 square feet in area. As i have already mentioned, the estate looks grandeur and not to mention massive. The estate has its own pool, tea house, and even an own basketball court.

The Strong Heart Manor bought at $36.5 million                                                                                        Source: 

The estate was bought by Gere under three separate land deals. He had bought it at $11.3 million. Although initially marked at $65 million in 2013 the mansion underwent constant price reduction as the result of lack of customers or was it haunted?? Well, jokes apart. In the past three years, the estate was priced from $65m to $56m to $47.5 and ultimately to $36.5m.

Matt already has a net worth that is one of the highest among the journalists. To be precise, his net worth sums up to the staggering figure of $60 million.

Looks majestic, Doesn't it?                                                                                                        Source: 

Richard Gere also has an attractive net worth of $100 million. Well, it could have gone as high as $250 million if not for that divorce with Carrey Lowell who demanded over $100 million of spousal support.

The question remains- what is the reason for purchase of this massive estate? Is it so that he can live with his family? Rent perhaps? Or a potential real estate business?

Matt Lauer who lives with his wife Annette Roque has three children. Before Annette, he had married Nancy Alspaugh. Despite being together for seven years it didn’t work out for them and inevitably resulted in a divorce. Annette will surely be happy to live in that house. But, is it a good decision to buy an extravagant big ass house rather than saving up for retirement, Oh, sorry! I think I just forgot about his even bigger ass net worth and salary. They can probably survive through the interest or something.

Matt Lauer and Annette Roque                                                                                                   Source:

Currently, the host of the NBC’s The Todays shows Matt has been stated as the more audience-friend anchors. As a host, he has interviewed many famed personalities including Mitt Romney, Charlie Seen Prince Harry, Prince William and many more. Previously, he has worked for ESPN and also has been the host for HBO entertainment section. His devotion and dedication to his job have taken him where he is today. 


Although he has been a great asset to NBC, it is rumored that he may indeed lose his job to Willie Geist because of his humongous salary. Regardless, he is doing a great job. Cheers Matt!!

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