Matt Damon's daughter, Isabella Damon loves to hang out with her parents.

March 28, 2016
First Published On: March 28, 2016

Isabella Damon, the eldest daughter of actor Matt Damon already had 11 stamps in her passport when she had not even turned two and was already the member of jet set. This shows that even in her early childhood, she has travelled to so many places. Being the celebrity child, she even gets the chance to attend different Hollywood functions and film festivals too. And Damon and his wife Luciana always take the children with them, wherever they go. The family is seen enjoying with their friends at the weekend frequently. And the family usually goes out for meals. So, Isabella obviously loves trips with her parents and sisters and hanging out with them. The family seems adventurous too as they had felt the real Halloween in their life when they were lost in a corn field.

Isabella is now at the age of ten and was born in Miami, Florida. She speaks both English and Spanish. She is doing her school in Chilly, New York City. The children of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: Seraphina and Samuel are the close friends of Isabella. And her father said that Isabella loves Raspberries since she was of 6 months and he loves giving it to her.

Isabella’s life is like the best as she has got a very loving father who being an actor, takes out time for his daughters and keeps hanging out with his daughters. Matt is pretty powerless when it comes saying no to his daughters. Matt doesn’t like staying away from his family as his colleagues say that even in the time of movies promotion, he doesn’t stay away from his family more than two weeks. He is a better husband and a great father.

Parents of Isabella, Matt and Luciana, married in the year 2005 and Matt was in first sight love with his wife when he saw her for the first time in the sets of film Stuck You and feels very lucky to get her as his wife. Matt is the second husband of Luciana and had previously married Arby Barosso from whom she has a daughter, Alexia. But after the marriage with Matt, he treated Alexia as her own daughter and Arby was happy that her daughter got a god father. Isabella is the first child from Matt and Luciana, second is Gia and the third is Stella.

The environment of this family seems wonderful, even they are living in the rent house, they are very happy with each other. The family hardly gets separated, as Matt takes his girls and wife with him wherever he goes. Luciana is a beautiful and multi-tasking mom and takes care of her daughter well. We wish more cherish in the life of this happy family.