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Daughter Maryum Ali is extremely close to boxing legend Muhammad Ali : "I know him as THE GREATEST father"

June 5, 2016
First published on:June 5, 2016
by John

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali could never get enough. He got married four times in his lifetime and had nine children. Oh My!

Yet, all his children are trying to prove that they loved their father very much. On his demise, every one of his children claimed that they were extremely close to their daddy. It is so damn confusing right??

Here his eldest daughter Maryum Ali. wrote on twitter that she was extremely close to boxing legend Muhammad Ali : "I know him as THE GREATEST father"

 The legendary boxer passed away at the age of 74.                   

                               Late Muhammad with his eldest daughter 

Everyone must be curious about Maryum Ali. She is the eldest daughter of a great boxer, Muhammad Ali. She is known as May May.

She said that she wanted to help poor people in life. Later she graduated Magna Cum Laude with B.A Degree in Social work. She has the heart of her dad because he was the ambassador of UN Peace corps. She has worked in family development and delinquency prevention.

She was engaged in jail for about 60 days. She was there to check intimate any illegal activities were going on or not.

She was afraid that she could recognize she is the daughter of Boxer Muhammad Ali.She is now working in the project for raising the fund for non-profit gang

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