Maryland Governor Larry Hogan diagnosed with 'advanced' form of cancer, Hogan disclosed about the 'disease' at a press conference

June 23, 2015
First published on:June 23, 2015
by HitBerry

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has been diagnosed with Cancer. In a press conference on Monday. Hogan announced that he has been diagnosed with an “aggressive” form of B-cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Standing with his wife, Yumi and his children, Hogan talked about this recent discovery. Hogan said that he seeked medical help after he returned from his trip to Asia.  He said he was concerned after he felt a lump on his neck while he was shaving.

Hogan said that his cancer is an advanced form of Lymph node cancer. He said that he is going to face this with strong-will. “I’m gonna face this challenge with the same energy and determination that I’ve relied on to climb every hill and overcome every obstacle that I’ve faced in my life”, said Hogan.

He talked about the disease, saying it was a situation that would once again make him “an underdog and a fighter.” He said that he learned a lot about his condition in the last few days.

 Hogan has tumors in his neck, chest, groin and abdomen. Health care experts will be helping him with his surgery and through all the processes involved, including diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Hogan Said: "Over the coming months, I'll be receiving multiple very aggressive chemotherapy treatments." 

But while he will be going through treatment, he will still be working. "Most likely, I'm going to lose my hair. You won't have these beautiful gray locks. I may trim down a little bit, but I won't stop working to change Maryland for the better,” said the 59 year old Hogan.

Hogan kept the video light hearted and funny. He said that he has a strong chance of success.  The audience applauded when he said: “My odds of getting through this are much, much better than the odds I had of beating Anthony Brown.”

This was a reference to his race against Brown in the Maryland Gubernatorial election in 2014 which he ultimately won. He has been working as the Governor since 2015. Hogan previously worked as a Real Estate Agent. He received his higher education from Florida State University.

Hogan’s friends and the public have been sharing their thoughtful wishes for him on social media like Twitter and Facebook.Hogan's family has also been highly supporting in this difficult situation. One of Hogan’s daughters, Jaymi Kim Sterling posted a note expressing her love and admiration for her father. The post read: "My dad is one of the strongest people I know. We stand behind him and I know that he's going to beat this” Jaymi also thanked the public for their support, she wrote, "Thanks to everyone for your love, support and prayers. We love our dad, and we love that the State that he so loves, loves him back!"

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