Mary Tyler Moore's Love Stories: Exploring Her Relationship Timeline

Mary Tyler Moore is remembered fondly for her standout performances on two beloved television shows, "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." These roles earned her a special place in the hearts of audiences. 

Sadly, Moore passed away in 2017. At the time of her death, she was married to Dr. Robert Levine. He undoubtedly supported her throughout her remarkable career.

Relationship Status At The Time Of Her Death

Mary Tyler Moore was married to Dr. Robert Levine at the time of her passing. They shared a companionship that spanned the years and supported each other through life's journey. 


Mary Tyler Moore and her husband, Dr. Robert Levine SOURCE: Pinterest

Mary's life came to an end on January 25, 2017, at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut. The cause of her death was attributed to cardiopulmonary disease and pneumonia. She was 80 years old.

Moore's Marriage To Robert Levine

Moore's marriage to Dr. Robert Levine was a special chapter in her life. They exchanged vows on Thanksgiving Eve, precisely on November 23, 1983. The two wed in a beautiful ceremony held at Manhattan's Pierre Hotel. 

The event was graced by the presence of actress Valerie Harper. She stood by Mary as a bridesmaid. For Levine, this marriage marked his first and only venture into matrimony. 

How Did Mary And Robert Meet?

The story of how Mary and Dr. Robert first crossed paths adds a sweet touch to their love story. Their initial meeting happened under unusual circumstances when he treated the actress' sick mother, Marjorie Moore. She was suffering from severe bronchitis in 1982. 


Mary Tyler Moore and Dr. Robert Levine at an event SOURCE: Pinterest

Mary, concerned for her mom's well-being, tried reaching her regular doctor. But, he was unavailable. Instead, she connected with her future husband, who happened to be on call that day. After the second visit to Marjorie, he, showing kindness, told her, "If there's an emergency, just get in touch with me." 

To this, Moore responded with a playful touch, asking, "Does acute loneliness count?" With a shared sense of humor and connection, a few days later, they made plans for a dinner date, marking the beginning of a romance that would blossom into a lasting marriage.

Moore's Health And Robert's Love

Moore faced various health challenges, from brain tumors to diabetes. Robert remained a steadfast source of support throughout their marriage. At the age of 33, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a condition that required insulin dependence. 

Dr. Levine played an active role in helping her navigate the complexities of managing his wife's diabetes, especially about alcohol consumption. To better understand the impact of alcohol on Mary's condition, he conducted a thorough two-week study.

Robert monitored her blood chemistry by collecting specimens throughout the day and even waking her at night. The results led him to suggest a trial period without after-dinner brandy and any other alcohol. This adjustment showed a positive effect on her blood chart, leading to the conclusion that alcohol was influencing her body chemistry.

Opening Up On His Wife's Death

Dr. Robert Levine offered a poignant glimpse into Mary Tyler Moore's life six years after her passing. He provided an insight into her remarkable journey. 


Mary Tyler Moore in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Pinterest

Speaking to People magazine, Levine shared, "She architected a path to her survival, overcoming the toughest of circumstances." Despite a chaotic family environment and struggles with alcohol, she faced these challenges with resilience. 

Dr. Levine revealed that Mary considered herself a "failed dancer" rather than a successful actress, driven by a desire for approval from her parents. Beneath her public image, she harbored a fighting spirit. The pain of losing her son Richie was something she found difficult to express, and it affected her a lot. 

Past Marriages

Grant Tinker

Mary Tyler Moore's second marriage was to Grant Tinker. She met him during the production of "The Dick Van Dyke Show," as mentioned in an article from NPR, where he worked as an advertising executive. 

The love story unfolded, and Moore and Tinker decided to embark on the journey of marriage. They exchanged vows on June 1, 1962, at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The marriage endured for nearly two decades before they went their separate ways, officially divorcing on June 11, 1981. 

The Divorce Reason

Mary and Grant faced growing tensions that escalated over the years. In 1973, after a particularly heated argument following dinner, he suggested that they should separate. He said that their marriage had become poisoned. This led to six weeks of separation. 


Mary Tyler Moore and her ex-husband, Grant Tinker SOURCE: Pinterest

However, despite the attempt at reconciliation, the strain on their relationship persisted. Unfortunately, during this time, Mary became involved in an affair, further complicating matters. Ultimately, both of them moved on from their marriage.

Richard Meeker

Mary Tyler Moore swiftly transitioned from high school to married life with Richard Meeker. She married soon after graduating from Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles. Their union, which lasted from August 25, 1955, to February 23, 1962, reflected a commitment made early in her adult life. 

Noteworthy is the ten-year age gap between them. It is a detail that speaks to the unique dynamics of their relationship. She was 18 and he was 28 years old when they married, as mentioned in an article from Showbiz Cheatsheet

Other Relationships

In addition to her marriage with Richard Meeker, Moore's romantic life included other notable relationships. She was linked with Steve Martin in 1982. Michael Lindsay-Hogg and Warren Beatty also played roles in her love life, with their relationships spanning the year 1980. 

Notably, the late actress' encounter with Paul Stanley adds another intriguing layer to her romantic history. These connections reveal the diverse experiences and interactions that Mary had in the realm of love and companionship throughout her life. 


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