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Mary Nightingale on fertility and motherhood.

April 15, 2016
First published on:April 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Elegant newsreader Mary Nightingale has recently confessed as to how she almost missed the chance to be a parent. While she was under the impression that she would remain fertile even at the later stages of her life. She clearly did not take into account her aging body and how it would react to a child in the womb in comparison to if her body was younger.

According to Mary, women should plan for children that are if they want too from a much earlier age. Probably in the early stages of young adulthood would be the appropriate time to organize your offspring plan believes Mary.  

She also considers herself lucky because she was able to have children so late in her life. She feels in some way she got away with it while even a year or maybe a couple of months of delay she might not have had any children.

She believes that aging women should regularly go for fertility checks so as not to miss out on motherhood. She has also encouraged young women to do the same. So they can have a better knowledge and understanding of their options and possibilities.

Mary has also shared how important professional help is when it comes to children as she earlier on in her life had to go through depressing miscarriages which left her sad and miserable especially because she did not have the right help and information as to how to tackle the situation ahead.

She has said most women fail to understand that fertility is not always easy and end up assuming that it would be easy having children. That may not be the case with many due to unanticipated difficulties.  

She also believes subjects such as childbirth should be made more aware in schools and universities as it would be of great help to many women out there. She encourages women to be more open about such topics and try and share as much as they can with each other.

She also has said mothers should not shy away from their daughters in relation to such topics as they will be the greatest, closest person to give advice to all daughters in the world. She also spoke about other health topics, in times of pregnancy and how one should mind her weight so as not to push it to the height of carelessness due to over eating.

Mary herself has two children son Joe and a daughter, Molly. She is currently continuing with her newsreader duties with the ITV News.  She also happens to be a very avid twitter and is known to post her views through her handle @nightingaleitv.

Her net worth remains to be undisclosed.

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